Why can’t the old scenic spots beat the scenic spots in online celebrity?

  As one of the "online celebrity attractions" in Chongqing, Liziba light rail crossing the building has attracted many tourists to visit and take photos. Fangfang photo

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  Urban tourism propaganda has made excessive efforts to attract online celebrity attractions, inducing tourists to punch in and only chase "online celebrity". On the surface, this creates a unique attraction for the city, and actually makes its rich tourism resources single.

  The crux of the neglect of some well-known scenic spots lies in "living on one’s laurels" and failing to keep up with the development and changes of consumption habits in the tourism market. The balanced development of new punching places and old scenic spots can not only divert tourists, but also help the urban tourism market to maintain a long-term heat.

  Recently, china tourism academy released the latest "2019 China Tourism Development Report", showing that the number of domestic tourists reached 5.54 billion, and the income exceeded 5 trillion yuan. Among them, the "online celebrity City", which has sprung up suddenly in recent two years, has contributed greatly. However, some people in the industry are calm in the face of "Internet red fever". They think that this can only bring "short-term focus" effect, and what the tourism market needs more is a lasting "eyeball economy".

  The other side of "online celebrity City"

  "When it is good, you can fill 60%. When it is bad, there are only a few tourists." In the parking lot 50 meters away from the ticket office of Fishing City Scenic Spot in Hechuan District, Chongqing, the bus that sent tourists into the scenic spot stopped in a row. The driver, Master Zhang, looked at the empty car and said helplessly.

  Fishing City Scenic Area is about 50 kilometers away from the main city of Chongqing, and the car dealership will arrive in more than one hour. However, this national scenic spot, known as one of Chongqing’s top ten cultural symbols, is also known as a place that "changed the course of world history", but it is somewhat deserted.

  "I thought there would be many tourists before I came, but I found it empty when I entered the scenic spot." When the reporter of Workers Daily met two tourists from Nanjing, they were quite puzzled: "Why didn’t anyone come to visit such a famous place?"

  The confusion of tourists is also a puzzle for practitioners in scenic spots. Oda has been working as a tour guide in Fishing Town for almost two years. In her impression, the scenic spot has always been tepid. "There was a battle in Fishing Town that was of great significance to the history of China and the history of the world. In that year, more than 4,000 soldiers and civilians in the Southern Song Dynasty resisted the Mongolian army, which claimed to be 100,000 people, and the weak prevailed over the strong, indirectly affecting the world pattern, and was hailed as &lsquo by the outside world; Oriental Mecca City ’ 。” Speaking of the historical background of Fishing City, Oda is like a few treasures, but she told reporters that the knowledge she usually reserves is rarely used.

  The reporter saw in the Fishing City Scenic Area that the ancient city wall and the ancient city gate are well protected, standing on the cliffs with great majesty, and the scenery around the Three Rivers is pleasant. But this place, which needs scenery, culture and history, has been rated as "one of the most aggrieved tourist destinations in online celebrity" by netizens.

  Indeed, compared with the "online celebrity Scenic Area" where thousands of tourists flock to punch in, the deserted Fishing Town Scenic Area is in sharp contrast with it, and this scene is also the epitome of other scenic spots in Chongqing. In the interview, Ctrip. com’s Chongqing senior traveler "Old Horse Know the Way" said with a little regret: "There are many places worth visiting in Chongqing, such as Dazu Stone Carving, Fishing City, Huguang Guild Hall, Anti-Japanese War Site, etc., and their cultural heritage, historical value and significance are more prominent than those of online celebrity attractions. Unfortunately, the limelight has been robbed by online celebrity attractions."

  Get up early and catch a late episode.

  Looking up all kinds of rankings of domestic tourism market in recent years, Chongqing ranks among the best and its popularity continues unabated. The Workers Daily reporter learned from the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development that as of November last year, Chongqing had received 618 million tourists and achieved a total tourism revenue of 541.651 billion yuan, up by 10.10% and 32.12% respectively.

  However, it is worth noting that in the eyes of Chongqing tourism industry, the contribution of some well-known scenic spots to the overall data is not significant. "In fact, those scenic spots that became famous earlier, the annual tourist volume and tourism revenue are also rising year-on-year, but compared with ‘ Online celebrity Scenic Area ’ In contrast, the gap immediately appeared. " Kai Xiang, a tour guide engaged in tour group work in Chongqing, said.

  A set of data also confirms the above statement from the side: for example, the Dazu Stone Carving in Chongqing received 858,300 tourists from January to October last year, while the Hongyadong Folk Custom Area, a "online celebrity Scenic Spot", received 889,000 tourists only on the 7 th day of the National Day last year.

  The reporter of Workers Daily saw at the observation deck of Liziba Light Rail Station, a scenic spot in online celebrity, that there was an endless stream of tourists who came here to punch in. However, when I asked about their travel plans, I found that apart from online celebrity, I knew little about other famous tourist attractions in Chongqing, let alone put them into the plan.

  "Many domestic tourists are willing to pay high prices to go abroad to see Angkor Wat, but they don’t look at Dazu stone carvings when they come to Chongqing." Kaixiang tone with regret. He told reporters that Dazu stone carvings were a must for previous tour groups. Nowadays, the tourists are mainly to see Liziba, shoot Hongya Cave, take the Yangtze River cableway and visit the Wenchuang Garden of Erling No.2 Factory. It seems that these are the only places worth visiting in Chongqing. "Dazu stone carving, as one of the eight largest grottoes in the world, is as famous as Angkor Wat, and it is definitely the earliest in Chongqing ‘ Online celebrity ’ However, it failed to usher in the outbreak period. " Kaixiang sighed.

  Regrettably, there is also the "Three Gorges Tour". A person from a travel agency in Chongqing said that in the late 1990s, the Three Gorges Tour was a "golden signboard" for China tourism. However, this tourist route is neither too hot nor too cold now. "Because there are few tourists and low profits, the Three Gorges tour market is unattractive, and many travel agencies are reluctant to do this route now." The person bluntly said.

  The reporter learned that similar scenes are not only found in Chongqing, but the "online celebrity City" that has emerged in the past two years has generally encountered such embarrassment — — For example, I went to Xi ‘an just to experience "breaking a bowl of wine", Gulangyu in Xiamen just to taste "Turkish ice cream", and Chengdu just to take pictures of "Climbing Panda" … … Many "tourist business cards" that used to represent the city are being neglected, and some scenic spots with profound historical and humanistic values "get up early and catch a late gathering".

  You can’t "join in the fun" by punching in the destination.

  Luo Sibo, a scholar who has been engaged in tourism development research for a long time, pointed out that the biggest crux of the neglect of some well-known scenic spots lies in "living on one’s laurels". "I can’t keep up with the development and changes of consumption habits in the tourism market and can’t meet the needs of tourists in pursuing high-quality life, so I will retreat if I don’t advance."

  The discussion on the significance of tourism has also become the focus of attention of the industry. Chen Pu, a lecturer at chongqing technology and business university Tourism and Land Resources College, said, "online celebrity City and online celebrity Scenic Area are phenomenal topics in the current tourism market. They are widely spread by means of the Internet, which makes some tourists have the misconception that they only have a sense of accomplishment when they punch in, turning travel into blindness and simple chasing the wind." Chen Pu said that it is better to join in the fun than to travel.

  Senior traveler "an old horse knows the way" bluntly said that excessive marketing and unitary marketing have led to these problems in the current tourism market. The city’s propaganda has exerted too much force on online celebrity’s scenic spots, which has led tourists to punch in for "online celebrity". On the surface, this is to create a unique attraction for the city and actually make the rich tourism resources single.

  The reporter noticed that "single-minded punching in online celebrity and neglecting more tourism resources" also brought many inconveniences to the market management. For example, Dongguan Street in Yangzhou, which was more than 1,200 meters long last National Day, received 70,000 to 80,000 tourists, and it was overloaded every day, which brought great difficulties to the management.

  Chen Pu emphasized, "Cities should not only make a fuss about online celebrity scenic spots, and travel should not be limited to following the trend. The balanced development of new punching places and old tourist attractions can not only divert tourists, but also keep a city’s tourism market hot for a long time. "