Official parameters/configuration exposure of Mercedes-Benz new E300 for 618/668,000 yuan.

  Recently, the editorfromChina was informed that,completenew/Jimmy KudogenerationsedanOn July 21st, the car will hold a listing conference in China Shanghai Ball Financial Center. At that time, it will be announcedandAt the same time, carry out reservation work. It is understood that this upcoming listing.vehiclefrontThe model to be launched in the future is imported E.level,It is divided into elegant and fashionable models, and the estimated price is 618,000 yuan and 668,000 yuan. According to relevant sources, the listingClass carIt is very likely that this year.fourFirst released in China in JuneE300。 Another note, eyeQianxin e can accept reservations, and consumers who pay the deposit will pick up the car at the end of July at the earliest. Although there is still some time before the launch of Mercedes-Benz’s new generation E-Class sedan, let’s take a look at the official parameters and configuration of Mercedes-Benz’s new E00.

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 

New E300

  According to reports, the body size of the new Mercedes-Benz E300 is 16mm, 32mm and 20mm higher than the current Mercedes-Benz E in terms of vehicle length, vehicle width and wheelbase, except that the vehicle height is 29mm lower than the current one. It can be seen that the new Mercedes-Benz E300 not only has a good appearance, but also has more spacious interior space than the current models, especially the rear legroom. In addition, in terms of power system, the new Mercedes-Benz E300 is still equipped with the classic 3.0V6 engine.

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class


Mercedes-Benz E300

Captain (mm)


Car width (mm)


Car height (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Engine displacement (ml)


Maximum power (kw)


Maximum torque (Nm)


Maximum speed (km/h)


0-100 acceleration km/h(s)


sum upclose(L)


Curb quality (kg)


Total mass (kg)


Maximum baggage load (mm)


Maximum roof load (mm)


Front/rear track (mm)

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  The brand-new car still maintains the sedate and elegant characteristics of Mercedes-Benz, which is more dynamic than the eighth generation E-Class car on sale. The iconic "four-eye" round light on the brand-new Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan was replaced by a diamond, and the frontFog lights have also replaced the current circular design with flat LED lights. It can be seen from the seam between the hood and the front fender on the side of the car and the arc ridge line that runs through the door handle from the front wheel arch that the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan and the new C-Class sedan are interoperable in design language. It is worth noting that the transmission lever of the new Mercedes-Benz E300 model has been transferred from the central armrest to the right behind the steering wheel, which is similar to the cash one.Shift dialThe rods are in the same position. There is no shift lever in the central armrest, which also leaves more space in the car.

New E300

  In terms of luxury configuration and appearance, there are certain configuration differences between the elegant and fashionable Mercedes-Benz E300 due to different positioning. The standard reversing image, 17-inch 5-spoke alloy, horizontal stripes and Cen Mu interior of Mercedes-Benz’s new E300 stylish model did not appear in the elegant model of Mercedes-Benz.

New E300

  soundandIn entertainment equipment, the central navigation screen is a large-size touch screen. Comand control system and cash located in front of the central armrestCars are basically the same. On both sides are the comfort/sport shift adjustment of the transmission and the sport/comfort mode adjustment of the suspension. The front and rear double skylights, which were popular in the previous generation E-Class cars, have been retained in the new Mercedes-Benz E300 models. The style of the turn signal on the outside of the reflector has also been changed to be similar.The style of. Mercedes-Benz E300 comes standard with leather., itsAdjustment button emulationThe flagship model is designed on the door inner panel, while the electric lumbar support button is still retained.Go. Due to the redesign of the vehicle interior, the interior space of the new Mercedes-Benz E300 model looks larger.

  The new car will be launched in the second half of this year after being imported first.Domestic and domestic versions of the new generation E-Class sedan may not enter the market until next year because of the problem of lengthening, but the E300 model will also become the main sales end after domestic production.

  Editor’s comment:

  We all know that in the European market, Mercedes-Benz E300 and5 series Li,They are competitors to each other. However, in the domestic market, because of the changes in wheelbase and consumer groups, the distinction between them seems increasingly clear. Consumers of A6L and 5 series Li will also consider the rear space while considering the brand image and vehicle quality. After the launch of the new E-Class of domestic Mercedes-Benz,Li is likely to be hit the hardest. The brand image of the two giants is neck and neck, and the statement of "driving and riding Mercedes-Benz" will also help the new E-Class extended version gain more favorable impression. In addition, the new E-Class is a new car just launched, and the difficulties that the 5-Series Li has to face are not small. Therefore, 5 series LiIt is likely to be further lowered, squeezing A6L’s living space. Therefore, among the three giants,The melee will really kick off.

  As for the middle sales championWhose throne will be spent? How will the sales gap between the three models be narrowed? Who is the final winner? Let’s watch the feedback from the market together.