Xiaomi has made new progress in making cars; Weilai mobile phone is one year; Wen Jie M sold more than 10,000 in May.

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  In the new week, Xiaomi Automobile has made new progress: it will enter the off-line stage of soft-model cars in September, and then enter the field test and winter test cycle as scheduled; Li Bin said that Weilai will produce a mobile phone a year like Apple; Tesla’s new car no longer enjoys life-long free standard car entertainment service; The sales volume of Wujie M5 has exceeded 10,000 units this month, and the pure electric vehicle Wujie M5 EV is also on the way.

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   Recently, Xiaomi Automobile has made the latest progress. According to reports, Xiaomi will enter the off-line stage of soft-model cars in September, and then will enter the field test and winter test cycle as scheduled. Earlier, Xiaomi officially revealed that its first model will start mass production in 2024, or it will be a sedan.

  It is reported that Xiaomi Automobile has locked in some of the latest scarce process spare parts supply resources of relevant supply chain partners. At the same time, the Xiaomi Automobile project in Xiaomi Group has been extended from the R&D end of Xiaomi Automobile Team to relevant business departments in the Group, including the preparatory project for sales operation in China. Prior to this, Xiaomi’s self-driving road map has been frequently exposed.

Attention, cars

At present, the Xiaomi automobile project is progressing smoothly, the winter test and field test of products are expected to advance as scheduled, the layout of Xiaomi’s automobile supply industry chain is gradually improved, and Xiaomi automobile has taken another step forward from mass production. Xiaoge believes that it is a good thing that the project is progressing smoothly now, but if you want to compete for the market from new energy vehicle brands such as domestic new car-making forces, the speed has to be accelerated, and you are looking forward to the final performance of Xiaomi Automobile.


  Recently, Li Bin, founder, chairman and CEO of Weilai Automobile, talked about Weilai’s mobile phone layout in an interview with users.

  Li Bin said: Weilai’s mobile phone business is advancing, and we can’t compete with the company that sells 100 million mobile phones now. It’s not difficult to build a mobile phone now, but it’s still challenging to build a good one. What Weilai wants to do is very simple, that is, to build a good mobile phone for Weilai users, and to develop a mobile phone every year, just like Apple.

  The news that Weilai will build a mobile phone is not unusual. As early as the end of March this year, Weilai confirmed the rumor that Weilai will build a mobile phone in a quasi-official way. It is reported that Li Bin once said that the most direct reason for Weilai to build mobile phones is to improve the user experience and make strategic defense in order not to be "stuck" by mobile phone companies.

  It is understood that most of Weilai users’ mobile phones are Apple and Huawei. After Huawei was suppressed by the United States, the proportion of Weilai users using Apple mobile phones further increased. Apple’s business model is closed, and Weilai’s cars on the second-generation platform come standard with UWB. Apple’s refusal to open the interface makes Weilai feel very passive.

Attention, cars

In the past two years, many car companies and mobile phone manufacturers have crossed the border with each other. Xiaomi made cars and Weilai made mobile phones. Li Bin once said that Weilai mobile phone is car-centric and will not think from the perspective of commercial success. It can be seen that Weilai does not want to seize the mobile phone market with mobile phone brands such as Apple and Huawei. Xiao Daoge believes that car companies’ making mobile phones is actually an act of defending against future market competition in advance. Weilai’s making mobile phones is more about realizing ecological linkage through the interconnection of mobile phones and cars.


  Recently, Tesla official website showed that Tesla’s new car will no longer enjoy the life-long free standard in-car entertainment service, and will need to pay for subscription after 8 years. At present, the specific subscription price has not been announced.


  Tesla’s announcement shows that the standard car entertainment service package can be used free of charge for 8 years from the date when the new Tesla car will be delivered for the first time after the order date is July 21, 2022 (if you buy a non-brand new car such as an exhibition car or an internal car, it will be counted from the date when the car is put into use for the first time). If you buy a used car, the remaining free use period will be informed before the vehicle is delivered.

  It is reported that vehicles equipped with standard in-vehicle entertainment service packages can use the same basic map and navigation functions as advanced in-vehicle entertainment service packages, including route design based on real-time road conditions, itinerary planning and information display of availability of super charging piles. After the standard in-vehicle entertainment service package expires, some in-vehicle functions that need to be realized based on network connection and third-party license may be changed or removed. At present, the specific functions affected include maps, navigation and voice commands.

Attention, cars

You need to pay a subscription to use the basic functions of maps and navigation, although it is free for 8 years. However, Xiao Daoge believes that even if car companies are gradually trying to pay for the car subscription system, the basic standard navigation function also needs to be paid, which is somewhat unacceptable.


  According to the official news, as of 22: 00 on July 25th, the sales volume of the customer M5 has reached 10,000 units in that month, and there will be a pure electric version of the customer M5. Recently, AITO officially released the official map of its M5 derivative model, Wujie M5 EV. On July 27th, at the launch conference of HarmonyOS 3 and Huawei’s new products, the M5 EV was officially launched, and will be officially released in September.

  In the design of EV version, the original large-size trapezoidal grille has been replaced by the closed front face popular in electric vehicles, which is officially called "shark nose" shape, which is the most obvious difference from the extended range version. In addition, the new car has added two color schemes, azure blue and warm nebula. The two color schemes look fashionable and a little fresh, which will be the kind of color scheme that girls like.

  In terms of battery life, both versions of the new car use lithium iron phosphate batteries, with a capacity of 79.927kWh and an energy density of 140.9Wh/kg. The rear-drive version of NEDC has a comprehensive battery life of 540km;; The four-wheel drive version of NEDC has a comprehensive battery life of 500km.

Attention, cars

At present, the price of the pure electric version of the same model on the market is generally higher than that of the extended-range version. It is expected that the price of new cars may be more than 260,000, when competitors or BYD Tang EV and other models. It is reported that at present, the M5 has been able to achieve a good monthly sales of 10,000 units, so will the pure electric version of the M5 bring sustained growth? Worth looking forward to.

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