90,000 less than 300 tanks! All-aluminum body+advanced suspension, 279ps with four-wheel drive, only 109,800.

Little friends, today I will introduce you to a square box off-road vehicle that is too hot! This car is a new hot spot, not only its cool appearance, but also its price is very close to the people. Compared with it, it can save you a whole 90 thousand! Heartbeat? Don’t worry, keep looking down!

First of all, let’s talk about the appearance. Chery iCAR 03 is definitely a tough guy. At first glance, it is the kind of good partner who can take you over the mountains. The closed new energy shape of the front face, coupled with the vertical shape, is simply the perfect combination of science and technology and off-road style. The body lines are simple and generous, and the hidden door handles and Five Blessingg wheels are extra points, which makes the whole car look fashionable and dynamic. The design of the small schoolbag at the tail is also ingenious, giving people a unique feeling.

Entering the car, you will find that Chery iCAR 03 will not let you down. The center console has a distinct sense of hierarchy, and the combination of soft materials and piano paint panel gives people a sense of advanced. The 9.2-inch LCD dashboard and the 15.6-inch floating central control panel are simply the gospel of technology control. Snapdragon 8155 chip and i-VA car intelligent system make human-computer interaction smooth as silk, and the operation is just like flying.

In terms of configuration, Chery iCAR 03 is also full of sincerity. In addition to the entry-level models, other models are equipped with, 540-degree transparent chassis, and other practical functions. Coupled with the help of five high-definition cameras, eight ultrasonic radars and three millimeter-wave radars, it can also provide a number of L2-level intelligent driving assistance functions, such as parallel line assistance, lane keeping assistance, remote parking, etc., which is simply a driver’s right-hand man.

In terms of power, Chery iCAR 03 is also unambiguous. It provides rear single motor and front and rear four-wheel drive dual motor versions for you to choose from, and the total torque is quite powerful. The maximum horsepower reaches 279ps and the maximum torque is 385 Nm. It only takes 6.5 seconds to speed up 100 kilometers! In terms of battery life, CLTC’s maximum cruising range is as high as 501KM, which is not a problem for daily use. Moreover, it also supports fast charging function, so you don’t have to wait to be upset when charging.

Of course, as an off-road vehicle, Chery iCAR 03 has also made great efforts in off-road performance. Double-cavity aluminum alloy body and aluminum alloy double independent suspension are equipped with anti-rollover system as standard, so that you can be comfortable in complex road conditions. The creep mode and the U-turn function make the off-road capability of this car by going up one flight of stairs. In terms of space, although the measurement data is not as bright as the tank 300, it is more than enough to meet daily needs. The length, width and height of the whole vehicle are 4406mm, 1910mm and 1715mm respectively, and the wheelbase is more than 2.7 meters, reaching 2,715 mm. Even if it is full, it will not appear crowded.

In general, Chery iCAR 03, a compact pure electric SUV, is not only cool in appearance, rich in configuration and powerful in power, but also very close to the people, with a starting price of only 109,800 yuan! For those friends who want to start a practical and affordable square box off-road vehicle, it is undoubtedly the best choice. Stop hesitating and act quickly!

Of course, everyone’s needs and preferences are different, so when choosing a car model, you should still choose it according to your actual situation. However, whether you are pursuing face value or performance, Chery iCAR 03 can bring you many surprises. If you are interested in this car, you might as well take a test drive and feel its charm for yourself!

Ok, that’s all for today’s sharing. If you have anything else you want to know about Chery iCAR 03, please leave a comment and let’s discuss it together. See you next time!