Practice and see wisdom Huawei cloud GaussDB empowers digital Guangdong to use the cloud deeply, giving the world a better choice.

On June 25th, "Practice and Wisdom | Digital Guangdong Deep Cloud Salon" was successfully held in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. The event launched a salon discussion around the theme of digital transformation of government and enterprise industries, and made suggestions for the key construction tasks of Guangdong "Digital" 2.0.

Xiao Yong, deputy manager of Huawei cloud database service products department, shared the innovative ability and excellent practice of Huawei cloud GaussDB database at the scene, and explored digital construction with many experts.

Database is a solid base for government service data query, but at present, the in-depth application of domestic databases in the field of government affairs is still insufficient. How to make good use of databases, improve the key capabilities of databases, build database ecology and cultivate talents has become the focus of extensive attention in the industry.

Xiao Yong said that at the recent Huawei Global Wisdom Summit, Huawei Cloud Strategy released a new generation of distributed database GaussDB, and officially announced the positioning of GaussDB as "a better choice for the world". This represents Huawei’s outstanding requirements for GaussDB, and its challenges are enormous, requiring long-term firm investment and continuous innovation.

In this regard, Xiao Yong mentioned the following points:

Practice makes true knowledge, and GaussDB has experienced the most severe tests inside and outside.

Xiao Yong introduced that Huawei has two typical business scenarios: the first is the ERP system that represents the core application of traditional enterprises. In 2019, Huawei started the ERP system replacement project. As the most complex system in the ERP industry, GaussDB completed the relocation verification of 320 billion rows of highly related data within 35 hours. After the handover, Huawei Chengdu operators ran the asset accounting task for the first time, and completed the accounting of Huawei’s 37W assets in only 3 minutes, which took 2.5 hours before.

The second is the application of cloud native bias to the Internet, namely Huawei terminal cloud. It faces many challenges such as high cost, large-scale clustering and diversified data models. GaussDB’s native distributed architecture makes the load more balanced, and supports multiple ecosystems. Now it has been online with 6PB of data and 6,000+nodes, and the resource utilization rate and operation and maintenance efficiency have been improved by 30%.

Externally, GaussDB has been widely used in the industry, supporting the core businesses of state-owned banks such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank, and also serving enterprises in key industries such as Shaanxi Provincial Department of Finance, CNOOC, Pipeline Network, State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power and Capital Highway Development Group.

For example, in 2019, the Postal Savings Bank joined hands with Huawei Cloud GaussDB to start the construction of a new generation of distributed core system for personal services, and achieved fruitful results in incubating the database that meets the requirements of the core system. The new system can provide the processing capacity of 650 million individual customers and more than 40,000 outlets with an average of 2 billion transactions per day and a peak of 67,000 transactions per second.

Gather industrial strength and build a good database ecology.

Ecology is the most important part of the industry. Huawei actively cooperates with industrial forces to create a good and healthy industrial ecology, and has established the "351" plan, namely three types of partners: software partners, service partners and consulting integration partners; Five rights and interests: development and migration, product construction, learning and empowerment, marketing and promotion, capacity improvement and other five types of support measures, and finally achieve a goal, that is, win-win business.

Database is a typical ecological industry, and everyone is burning with firewood. Huawei calls on more partners and database vendors to join forces to jointly seize the huge market opportunities of digital transformation and independent innovation in the industry. Through the database partner support program, Huawei Cloud will continue to increase investment, accelerate cooperation with partners from all walks of life, jointly create application solutions and services based on GaussDB, and jointly build a prosperous and open database industry ecosystem.

Leading database needs leading engineering ability.

Xiao Yong believes that the fundamental difference of software capability lies in the difference of software engineering capability, and the core assets of commercial databases lie in their end-to-end engineering capabilities such as database development standards, a large number of test cases and trusted tools.

GaussDB has invested a lot of money in this. Based on the full-stack trusted framework of Huawei software engineering, it has established an end-to-end trusted chain of design, development, testing and management tools, including the whole tool chain of GaussDB software development, from product definition, code implementation, open source governance to operation and maintenance, and realized the trusted result to the trusted process. It has also established 200,000 test cases and more than 10 typical customer scene protection nets, which are in line with traditional commercial databases in terms of engineering ability.

Product capability is the core competitiveness.

GaussDB takes application as the core and constantly improves its competitiveness based on the full-stack perspective. The new version has released the following key capabilities:

newThe first generation storage engine Ustore helps the system to be fast and stable.

Database jitter will bring unknowable risks to applications. Ustore can guarantee the system to maintain high energy and stable delay even when the business is frequently updated for a long time. In the on-site actual business test of China Merchants Bank, GaussDB can greatly reduce the jitter deviation and improve the utilization rate of storage space by 17% on the premise of being far ahead.

Kernel-level multi-tenancy, transparent compression, greatly reducing TCO without application awareness.

The cost of purchasing the database and the hardware used is more than 1:6, plus the cost of computer room, water and electricity, so the efficient application ability of software to resources directly determines the cost, which should be viewed from the end-to-end TCO, not just the software price comparison. GaussDB is far ahead of friends in the utilization rate of hardware resources, with a single slice up to 16T, and it has been tested in practice in production systems of several big banks.

GaussDB also provides kernel multi-level multi-tenant to facilitate flexible business deployment. In terms of compression, GaussDB does not blindly pursue the compression ratio, but pays more attention to the performance after compression. In the extreme scene where cold data is always checked, it can be kept within 5%, which can be turned on by default, avoiding the cost of separating cold and hot data.

Comprehensive upgrade of high availability capacity

GaussDB has fully optimized the usability. In order to meet the reliability of mainframe business, GaussDB’s first domestic strong consistency scheme with two clusters has truly realized zero loss of core business data in the 5A-level core system of ICBC credit, and shortened RTO (failure switching time) by 10 times. ALT application of lossless transparent switching technology also makes users unaware of the service when the fault occurs.

Full stack intelligent operation and maintenance

The success of mature commercial databases stems from the accumulation of customized scenarios for many years. Based on Huawei Cloud, GaussDB has also rapidly accumulated customer scenarios and operation and maintenance cases in typical industries such as key infrastructure, and completed the unified management of HCS. The newly launched DBMind also provides customers with a better experience in full-stack monitoring, auditing and operation and maintenance guidance.

Digital construction needs to be driven by scientific and technological innovation. In the future, Huawei Cloud GaussDB will continue to deepen the database root technology, do a good job in the intelligent data base of cloud-based enterprise core business, and help government and enterprise customers go to the cloud smoothly and move towards a new stage of deep cloud use.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, so you should be careful when choosing! This article is for reference only, not as a basis for trading.

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