Or sell for more than 120,000 yuan? BYD Qin L unveiled the car and took the fifth generation hybrid technology.

A few days ago, BYD Qin L real car ushered in its official appearance. As a brand-new car under BYD Dynasty, BYD Qin L has a higher position in the family than BYD Qin PLUS DM-i, and adopts a brand-new fifth-generation DM-i hybrid technology in terms of power. It is reported that the starting price may be more than 120,000 yuan. According to the plan, BYD Qin L will make a public appearance at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, which opened on April 25th.

From the point of view of the product itself, BYD Qin L cabin cover adopts the design of pressing forward, which makes the front face look a little flat. On this basis, BYD Qin L is equipped with a large-size air intake grille decorated with lattice chrome elements, and at the same time, the left and right sides are designed with obliquely arranged air guide grooves, which helps to strengthen the sense of movement of the front face.

BYD Qin L has a rounded roof shape, and the body surface is outlined by a three-dimensional waistline, and the body posture looks quite stretched. In addition, BYD Qin L high-profile models will be equipped with 18-inch aluminum alloy rims and tires with specifications of 225/50 R18, and conventional door handles have also been applied to ensure the convenience of use.

At the rear of the car, BYD Qin L is equipped with through-type rear taillights. The design and arrangement of light sources in the left and right light cavities are similar to "Chinese knot", while the "Build Your Dreams" logo is replaced by a simpler "BYD" logo. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of BYD Qin L are 4830/1900/1495 mm and the wheelbase is 2790 mm, which is significantly higher than that of BYD Qin PLUS DM-i models on sale. In contrast, the length, width and height of the glory version of BYD Qin PLUS DM-i are 4765/1837/1495 mm and the wheelbase is 2718 mm respectively.