In April, the price of new cars was 124,300 from BYD Qin New Energy Chengdu.

Every weekend is a small peak of travel and car purchase. When you have time to visit the car market and check the price of the car, plus the holiday promotion of various brands, you have long been interested and the price is right, so you should take the shot when it is time. Friends who haven’t bought a car must be particularly looking forward to the recent car price. Let’s take a look at Sina Auto’s main car recommendation today.

Sina Auto collected the real transaction price of BYD Qin New Energy in the past year. The lowest transaction price of BYD Qin New Energy in the country in the past month was 129,200, the highest cash discount for new cars was 31,600 yuan, and the maximum discount for new cars reached 7.96 fold! Among them, the lowest transaction price of BYD Qinxin Energy in Chengdu is 124,300 yuan, and the price is for reference only. The actual transaction price is subject to the local dealer.

Choose a car to buy a car? The difficulty of choosing a good car is almost catching up with the college entrance examination to fill in the volunteers! But in fact, it is not difficult to choose a car. It really depends on the sales volume. What everyone likes can’t be worse. BYD Qin New Energy sold 205 vehicles in the past month, and the consumer recognition of new cars in the market can be seen from the sales trend chart below.

When we buy a car, we need to consider many factors, among which the preservation rate is also very important. The low preservation rate of the car indicates that the overall quality of the car is poor, while the high preservation rate indicates that the market is highly recognized. The figure below shows the rate of preservation of BYD Qin New Energy. Is it within your acceptable range?

With the improvement of living standards, people’s consumption habits have changed. For example, more and more people agree to buy used cars. If you have a car you want to sell, you can calculate how much your car can sell through our valuation platform below. If you have a used car you want to buy, you can also calculate how much you need.

Next, let’s take a look at consumers’ comments on BYD Qin New Energy. If the comprehensive score is 5 points, then BYD Qin New Energy’s score is 4.60 points, and the result is not bad.
Among them, BYD Qin New Energy has the most outstanding performance in power and cost performance, so consumers pay more attention to power and cost performance.
Then BYD Qin new energy can be considered emphatically.
Because each user has different needs for the car, different uses and different feelings, the evaluation is only for reference. The most reliable thing is to go to the store to test drive in person. Even if you can’t test drive on the road, you should sit in the car and feel it.

If you have seen the above, you still have doubts about whether BYD Qin New Energy is worth buying, then you can also look at the performance of BYD Qin New Energy competitors. Among the following competing products, the Corolla Hybrid, which sold the most last month, was 5,458 cars. There is always one car for you.

If the price of BYD Qin New Energy is suitable in the near future, then the friends will hurry! 38 cities across the country have linked promotions, and there are even discount models as low as 30%.