Domestic MINI is expected to be mass-produced in May; In the medium term, the fox changed back to four cylinders.

1. Import becomes domestic, Opel or return to China.

Seven years after its withdrawal from the China market, there are rumors of Opel’s return. Recently, an insider of Stellantis Group revealed to the domestic media that Opel Automobile is currently negotiating with Dongfeng Group on relevant cooperation matters, and will return to the China market in the form of domestic production in the future. The launched models will be built on the existing platform of PSA Group and produced in line with the models of this group. According to the current information, Opel will become a pure electric brand if it returns to the domestic market.

Opel entered China as early as 1993, but it has never been localized in the China market to establish a price advantage, and the layout of its product line is not perfect. Most of its models are cars that are unpopular in the domestic market, resulting in a very low brand presence in the China market for more than 20 years. Even when it withdrew from the China market in 2015, Opel was a little-known automobile brand.

2. BMW’s new X6 will be unveiled during the year.

Overseas media exposed a set of spy photos of the road test of the medium-term redesigned BMW X6 (parameter picture), and the real car is expected to be unveiled this year. At present, this model is still in the early stage of development, so except for some dark headlights, there is not much change in appearance. However, these may be temporary test parts, and there will be changes in the future, including front and rear enclosures and air intake grilles. At present, there is no news that X6 will adopt the "big nostril" grille design of BMW 4 Series.

The changes in the car are the most attractive part, including the new digital dashboard and infotainment system, which will adopt the curved display screen on BMW iX. In addition, the lever has been replaced by a button and a parking button. According to foreign media, the prototype has a label marked "Air conditioning control can’t work normally". It is expected that the air conditioning operation panel will also change and new components may be added.

3. Domestic MINI is expected to be mass-produced in May.

Recently, a suspected internal document of BMW Group revealed that the Beam Vehicle jointly built by Great Wall Motor and BMW Group will put into production two electric vehicles in Zhangjiagang. The first model is expected to be mass-produced in May this year, 13 months ahead of schedule. The overall shape of the first new car is very similar to that of MINI COOPER SE, but the details are different. The front face design is simpler, the exterior rearview mirror is painted in black, and the bright black trim at the rear is connected with the brand-new light groups on both sides.

The interior layout is also close to MINI COOPER SE, but the central control design is more concise, and the large-size round screen enhances the sense of technology. In terms of power and endurance, refer to MINI COOPER SE, or carry a single motor, and the endurance performance is expected to reach the mainstream level at the same level.

4. Volvo pure electric C40 opens for pre-sale.

Volvo’s first all-new pure electric SUV with a slip-back design, the C40, started pre-sale, with the pre-sale price starting at 267,000 yuan. The car was unveiled at last year’s Guangzhou Auto Show. The classic Raytheon Hammer Light Group adopts brand-new intelligent pixel headlight technology, and the closed front grille highlights the attributes of pure electric vehicles. Viking tomahawk taillights are used at the rear of the car for the first time, and the geometric linear light strip above the back of the car matches the welcome lighting effect, which is very recognizable after lighting.

The interior is still a Nordic minimalist design style, with black tones as a whole and light double stitching design, giving people a low-key atmosphere. The power is equipped with a set of front and rear dual-motor power system and a 78kW·h battery pack, and the cruising range under WLTP conditions is 420km.

5. The whole department changed back to four cylinders, and the Fox declaration chart was changed in the medium term.

In the latest issue of the declaration catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, we saw the declaration map of Ford’s brand-new Focus. The declared models include hatchback version, sedan version and corresponding versions of ST Line and S EDITION, which will be released in the second quarter. The appearance is consistent with the overseas version in the general direction, and the new style of front grille and headlights are also replaced, but the front enclosure style adopts the through design, and the visual effect is slightly conservative.

The interior is expected to follow the overseas model design, equipped with LCD instrument panel and 13.2-inch central control panel, built-in with the latest Sync 4 infotainment system, and more functions are integrated in the multimedia central control panel, which has improved the sense of technology. The power is replaced by a 1.5T four-cylinder engine, which is expected to match the 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic manual transmission.

6. Listed during the year, BYD’s "Xiaohan EV" factory was actually shot.

A set of factory photos of BYD’s brand-new car (code name EK) came out on the Internet. The car is based on E platform 3.0, and its appearance adopts a new design language. The closed air intake grille is matched with the raised cabin covers on both sides, which is full of strength. The side of the car is designed with a sliding back and equipped with a hidden door handle, which looks very close to Han EV as a whole.

The interior is similar to the layout of Song Pro DM-i, equipped with independent instrument panel, rotatable suspended central control panel, panoramic canopy and integrated seats. According to EIA data, its body length is 4770mm and its wheelbase is 2900mm, which is larger than Model 3. In terms of power, the rear-drive version and the four-wheel drive version are available, and the acceleration time of the four-wheel drive version is within 3.4 seconds.

7. Geely’s new Binrui changes 1.5T power.

The real shot of Geely’s change to Binrui is also circulated on the Internet. In appearance, the front face is upgraded, and the mesh grille is surrounded by banners, which is highly recognizable. The side of the car is basically the same as the cash, and the tail is equipped with a blackened light group and an oval exhaust. In addition to the regular version, it will also launch a sports version with exclusive exterior components such as pull flowers and tail wings, which is more handsome.

The power is replaced by a new 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 133kW, which is higher than the current 1.4T(104kW) power. Referring to the starting price of 79,800 yuan in cash, it is expected that the new price will be slightly raised, or above 80,000 yuan.

8. Shape change, the new Lectra 06 is expected to be sold at 120,000 yuan.

It is learned from relevant channels that Lectra is building the BX11-A1-22 model change project. Combined with the brand code, the high probability is to change the model of LECK 06, and the estimated starting price will be around 120,000 yuan. Previously, the spy photos of the modified model of the Lectra 03 have been exposed, and the appearance is close to that of the Krypton 001. The wider front also further enhances the sense of movement of the whole vehicle. It is expected that the modified Lectra 06 will adopt the same design language. Power or continue to be equipped with a 1.5T three-cylinder engine, matching the 7DCT gearbox.

Lectra 06 is the only model of the brand based on BMA platform, and it is also the cheapest Lectra model. In 2021, the number of insured vehicles was 47,600, which was 188.42% higher than that of competing models. With the addition of redesigned models, the competitiveness of products will be further enhanced, which will help increase sales.

9. Changan Aouita new high-end electric vehicle exposure.

Aouita Technology is a brand-new high-end smart car brand jointly built by Changan Automobile, Huawei and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited. The first model, Aouita 11, has been unveiled and will be officially delivered in the third quarter of this year. It is understood that the Aouita brand-new vehicle model (code E12) project is under construction, and it is expected to be officially listed next year.

At present, the official has not announced the relevant positioning and parameter information. Referring to Aouita 11, the motor and battery are provided by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, and other configurations are provided by Huawei. The acceleration time of 100 kilometers is less than 4 seconds, and the cruising range is over 700km. It is expected that E12 will remain at the same level or even higher.

10. Beijing Hyundai Elantra changed its exposure or added new kits.

Beijing Hyundai has put the medium-term change of Elantra on the agenda, and it is expected to enter the market as soon as the end of the year. Judging from the bidding information, the front face details should be mainly upgraded. With reference to Fista and Tucson L, it is not excluded that the N-LINE sports kit will also be added.

Last year, the sales volume of the seventh-generation Elantra reached 123,900, which is the sales responsibility in the family car category. After the mid-term modified model is launched, the product strength of the whole vehicle is expected to be improved, further stimulating the sales growth of the model.