How to Zero Mercedes-Benz e300 Maintenance Lamp

The maintenance light of Mercedes-Benz E300 returns to zero as follows:

1. First power on the car, then press the switch button on the steering wheel to switch the dashboard to the travel panel.

2. Then press the back button on the steering wheel and press the OK button before the navigation bar appears, so that the maintenance reminder indicator can be eliminated.

It is suggested that the maintenance technician should remove the maintenance reminder light after maintaining the car, so that the maintenance time will be more accurate.

Daily maintenance is very important to the car, so it is recommended to maintain it on time. Maintenance includes replacing wearing parts and replacing oil.

The wearing parts of automobiles include batteries, spark plugs, gasoline filters, oil filters, air filters, air conditioning filters, brake pads, brake discs, tires, belts, etc.

The oil in the car includes coolant, brake oil, engine oil, gearbox oil, steering power-assisted oil, etc.

In order to ensure that the car is always in good condition, it is necessary to replace the above-mentioned wearing parts and oil on time.

When maintaining your car, you must choose the engine oil model that suits your car engine, and you must not use fake engine oil. Long-term use of fake engine oil is very harmful to the engine.

It is recommended to choose a 4s shop or a regular repair shop for maintenance. If the car is under warranty, it is recommended to go to the 4s shop for maintenance.

Maintenance is not a complicated matter, but the maintenance of the car can not be ignored. Timely maintenance can ensure the safety and service life of the car.