AITO asks about the panoramic safety system of 300,000 batteries 0 spontaneous combustion.

After four years, the long-awaited Beijing Auto Show finally returned.

As the first top auto show in the world this year, traditional car companies are deeply rooted, and new brands are radiant. There are as many as 117 first cars and 41 concept cars in the world, of which 278 are new energy vehicles.

At the scene, Zhang Xinghai, the chairman of Celestial Group, said that Celestial automobile development has gone through eight years of hard work and three years of cross-border integration to build three smart electric vehicles. In the future, we will adhere to the development path of integration of intelligence and electricity under the software-defined automobile.

In addition, the sharing meeting also introduced in detail the super-intelligent platform with continuous evolution capability independently developed by Celeste Automobile-Celeste Rubik’s Cube Platform, which has the leading characteristics of panoramic security, diverse power, ever-changing space and wisdom leading. In particular, the panoramic safety system based on the whole life cycle of users’ cars has covered more than 150 safety scenarios and developed more than 200 safety functions, of which more than 40 safety technologies are at the leading level in the industry.

Special scenes are safe and reliable, and the body is rock solid.

At the sharing meeting, Sailis Automobile showed a real scene of real vehicle test: AITO Wenjie M9 achieved excellent results in the test of "heavy truck front and rear attack condition" in China Automobile Research Super Laboratory.

This is due to the excellent vehicle structure design, advanced material design and process technology of Celestial Automobile. For example, AITO M9 used 2000MPa hot-formed steel in 12 key parts, and the aluminum alloy volume of the whole vehicle accounted for over 80%, which fundamentally improved the safety performance of the car body with the ultimate materials, and realized the weight reduction of the whole vehicle on the premise of ensuring safety; Through the world’s leading super-large 9000T integrated die casting technology, the overall stiffness and strength of the car body are improved, and the safety protection for users is further improved.

Accumulated nearly 300,000 sales of battery 0 spontaneously ignited.

Thanks to the strict battery design process and testing standards of Celestial Automobile, only in the research and development stage, a number of related tests far exceeding the national standard are needed, which lays a good foundation for the safety of battery packs.

At the auto show, Celestial Motors also shared a data: Up to now, AITO has sold nearly 300,000 units, still keeping the record of self-ignition of battery 0.

The camera only detects and does not collect privacy. Security is meticulous.

In addition, the panoramic security system of Cyrus Rubik’s Cube platform also includes the privacy security that is most easily overlooked in the era of smart cars. I believe that while smart electric vehicles are selling well, the majority of netizens are also worried: there are all smart cars with cameras inside and outside the car, how can we protect our privacy?

In order to dispel users’ anxiety about privacy and safety, Sailis Auto’s all-round privacy and safety technology truly realizes only detection and does not collect data; In the case of ensuring data isolation from each other, it is also possible to delete the dual-end data of vehicles and the cloud through the one-click clearing function, which fully guarantees the privacy and safety of users.

Cyrus Rubik’s Cube Platform Plus "New Luxury"

Of course, the strength of the Cyrus Rubik’s Cube platform is not only super-safe.

At present, it is the only platform in the industry that can be compatible with three power forms: super-increase, pure electricity and super-hybrid. The latest extended-range 5.0 system has reached 45% in thermal efficiency, and the oil-electricity conversion rate is as high as 3.65kWh/L, and 1L of oil can generate 3.65 kWh. For another example, it can meet the personalized needs of users for all models and full sizes, and can also be equipped with luxurious and comfortable configurations such as queen seat, double-cavity air spring and rear wheel steering, bringing a more luxurious car experience.

In terms of intelligence level, the Celestial Rubik’s Cube platform has also achieved 100% thorough SOA, with over 1,300 API interfaces open, and more than 5,000 applications can be accessed, which truly realizes thousands of people. In addition, with the powerful OTA capability, it can realize frequent use and innovation, and build a car that understands the owner and is easy to use.