Which of these "nine bowls of glutinous rice balls" do you like best?

Guimao Lantern Festival is coming.

Eat Yuanxiao in Yuanxiao Festival.

North and South are served with sweet and salty food.

What’s your favorite smell?

Rub your hands and eat glutinous rice balls (Yuanxiao).

It is said that the earliest dumplings came from Mingzhou in the Song Dynasty.

That is, Ningbo, Zhejiang today.

It’s called "Yuanzi" and "Tangtuan"

"Lactose dumplings" and "Chengsha dumplings"

  Local people in Ningbo use white sugar, black sesame and lard.

Make a stuffing

Then, the glutinous rice bread is made into a round raw product.

Boil water in the pot and eat it after cooking.

As the pot sinks first and then floats.

Like a bright moon hanging in the sky.

So it was also called "floating element (circle)"

Things have changed and times have changed.

The brand and taste of glutinous rice balls are changing.

In the first taste of this bowl of glutinous rice balls.

Homesickness and reunion.

Never change

Yuanxiao is usually called in the north.

Different from southern sweet dumplings.

Yuanxiao is "shaken"

Legend has it that it was a pastry shop in Dadu (now Beijing) in the Yuan Dynasty.

In order to enable more people to celebrate the Lantern Festival

Eat yuanxiao

Initiated the shaking method

Wire drawing originated in Shandong.

It is one of the northern Shandong cuisine techniques.

A dish of silk-drawing yuanxiao

Shining under the glittering and translucent sugar-coated package

Like a golden bead wrapped in silk

Yuanxiao tastes sweet and attractive.

But it also reminds people

Even sweeter.

Pull out the knot and make unremitting efforts

Shanghai’s leisha sweet glutinous dumplings

It has a history of one hundred years.

Leisha glutinous rice balls are called glutinous rice balls.

But it’s dry with "grinding sand"

The so-called "grinding sand" is a kind of "fragrant sand" made by grinding.

First, use an inner wall with shuttle lines.

A earthen sand basin with earthen tiles

Use a hard wooden stick.

As a "pulp roller"

Put cooked red beans into the sand basin

Dry-grinding the "fragrant sand" with a "pulp-beating stick"

Hot cooked dumplings

Put the fragrance of fragrant sand

Stick to the skin and suck it into the stuffing

Take a bite and leave fragrance on your teeth and cheeks.

Tangyuan should be round.

Zhenxiong, Yunnan and Bijie, Guizhou

What has been passed down is triangular glutinous rice balls.

Ancestors in Yunnan-Guizhou local mountains

In order to pray for the gift of nature

Knead Yamagata Tangyuan

As a sacrifice to the mountain gods

There are two kinds of common stuffing.

Crisp and crisp, walnut kernel, brown sugar

Grinding into powder, and mixing well.

Soften by cooking

This kind is called "crispy glutinous rice balls"

Another kind of use

Peanut, lard, sesame and other ingredients

This kind of stuffed dumpling is called "oil-rich dumpling"

Duck twist is a traditional snack in Chaoshan.

Although named "Duck Mother Twist"

But it has nothing to do with ducks in raw materials.

It is said that when cooking dumplings.

The glutinous rice balls are constantly ups and downs.

Playing like a white-haired duck in a pond

Hence the name.

Traditionally, it has four kinds of fillings.

Mung bean stuffing, red bean paste, taro paste, sesame sugar

Traditionally, the duck mother twisted three capsules per bowl.

Each grain has a different filling.

In a luxurious "duck mother twist"

There are often not only dumplings.

There are also coix seed, fungus, ginkgo and red beans.

Quail egg, persimmon, Qingxin pill

Longan, taro, mung bean

For diners to help themselves.

Random shape, matching with customers

But the ingredients are good

Good color, fragrance and aftertaste.

Chongqing cuisine

Most of them are spicy, rough and uninhibited.

Shancheng snack dumplings

Sweet, delicate and gentle

And it’s small

Less than a quarter of the local ordinary dumplings.

It looks petite, white and round, playful and lovely.

It is said that Shancheng Xiao sweet dumplings

Be of Hangzhou descent.

The creator is based on

Taste characteristics of people in mountain cities

Yes, traditional local dumplings

Preparation method and materials of

Repeatedly made innovations and improvements.

Finally let this bowl

Delicious little dumplings

Take root in the mountain city and integrate into Chongqing.

Taste with ginger.

Yes, the diners in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Has long been commonplace.

Sugar water enough for ginger dumplings is boiled with ginger juice.

Light and thorough, fresh and spicy ginger flavor

Embedding into by boiling water

Thin-skinned dumpling lining

Mix with the stuffing of glutinous rice balls to form a unique fragrance.

Ginger has always been the true flavor of China.

The word "enough ginger" is in Cantonese.

It means "courageous enough, strong enough"

Come and serve a bowl.

Steaming, exorcising evil spirits and strengthening the body.

Goujiang sweet glutinous dumplings

Nuanxin stomach bar

Beixiang Tangtuan in Longyou, Zhejiang Province


Can top five or six sizes of traditional dumplings.

Even bigger than eggs.

Its shape is also very distinctive.

A pointed big round belly

With a small tail.

it is said

The Birth of Beixiang Tangtuan

It’s a couple who are ruined by extravagance.

Chinese new year

Find the whole family’s food

Only one dumpling can be packaged.

This dumpling

Left it to the local area

Folklore memory of diligence and frugality

Today’s dumplings are filled with stuffing

Mainly by

Diced meat, shredded radish, dried bean curd and other delicious ingredients.


But warned the locals for generations.

No matter how full you are

You can’t forget the taste of starvation.

As for why dumplings have small tails.

You might as well take a guess.

Leave us a message.

Suzhou’s five-color sweet dumplings

Pink, turquoise, golden, milky white, brown

Mosaic with waxy and japonica rice flour


Fresh meat, rose sauce, red bean paste, sesame, osmanthus lard.

5 kinds of stuffing, etc.

Can also be added

Black sesame, cream coconut, peanut butter, etc.

Ensure that its skin is five colors.

You will use

Such as pumpkin, carrot and matcha.

Brightly colored food

In Chinese culture

"Five" is a number symbolizing good luck.

Like five grains, Five Blessingg, five elements, etc.

Let five glutinous rice balls with different colors and materials

Stay in the same bowl

Work together to create a harmonious and delicious meal.

Jiuwan Tangyuan (Yuanxiao) has been passed down for a long time.

Bowls are delicious and refreshing.

Give it to people who are happy with "yuan"

Work hard for another spring.

I wish all the people in the world a long and happy life.

Bless the national strugglers for a long time.

May our motherland be strong and permanent.

In today’s dumplings (Yuanxiao)

Which flavor fascinates you the most?

Share it with everyone quickly.