Is there anyone who can’t tell the difference between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan?

It’s not bad for this meal
Today’s Lantern Festival, I feel that a day is incomplete without eating a Lantern Festival.
But eat … this calorie …
Scared me out of it:)
No, no,
From New Year’s Eve to Lantern Festival, the heat of this bowl is not bad. . .
But do you really know the culprit that makes you gain weight?
? ? ? Isn’t Yuanxiao dumplings? Aren’t they the same?
I always thoughtYuanxiao is a big man and Tangyuan is a small man.
? ? I always thoughtYuanxiao is not stuffed, while Tangyuan is stuffed.?
It seems that as a gourmet blog, the original blog needs a wave of popular science:
The two have little in common except that they both have glutinous rice ingredients.Yuanxiao is made of wet stuffing in glutinous rice flour, and the stuffing is sweet, which is a northern product; Tangyuan is hand-wrapped with glutinous rice flour skin, and the stuffing can be salty or sweet, and it is a southern product.
Essential basic teaching materials for famous detectives
During the Spring Festival, many people must have gone to see detective chinatown. During this period, I imagined that I was also a detective, wandering around the crime scene, looking for clues, and then confused.
I didn’t think of it when I went home and watched people’s analysis and patted my head and thighs!
But we who have dreams never admit defeat, and we are still eager to try after seeing the following reasoning:
The head teacher taught us before the college entrance examination.If you can’t answer the questions, choose C.
Before I saw this test paper, that is, five seconds ago, I had a criminal investigation dream.
Manual Aite Guan Hongfeng, it’s your turn to play.
Although I don’t know if this topic is true or not, there are always people who are willing to accept the challenge and really solve it …
Hmm? ? ?
A programmer’s solution
All right.
One second I thought I was Sherlock Holmes. . .
New age mahjong
Do you want to say that every straight man has a girl’s heart in his heart?
In addition to grabbing the pink toothbrush you bought, just look at the mahjong you used:
As soon as you touch it, there will be BGM mahjong immediately.
(HelloKitty yesterday …)
Even the dice are pink.
And more than that, the mahjong in the comments is quite special:
A little cute
Learn about Chaopai Mahjong.
And Kumamon’s
Brown Bear
Look at our fendi
I, Tiffany, disagree.
Dior Mahjong Learn about it.
Cherry maruko does not admit defeat.
Well, what about frigid mahjong?
True "mouse" mark
Many people love the mouse from childhood to adulthood.
Who hasn’t buckled the pulley below in the computer room in those years?
When you grow up, the mouse is more important.
The technology is already very bad. If you want to improve the level, you can’t do it without a better mouse.
Here, I recommend a mouse with the most flexibility and excellent touch. With it, the first place is yours.
You have to look for half a day when you need it, right? Hahaha
But also with heating.
This mouse is ergonomic and feels excellent.
I have one too ~
Reject to deformation! ! !
Cooperate with the sentence: ask for a link.
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