South Korea’s entertainment industry "sex scandal" incited the privileged class: senior police officials and government officials were investigated

CCTV News:Recently, the scandal of "Victory Gate" in South Korea’s entertainment circle involving drugs, rape and sexual bribery has been constantly fermenting, leading to the shady collusion between the police and the entertainment circle. South Korean President Moon Jae in officially ordered a thorough investigation of the truth.

Violent wounding, illegal gambling, drug abuse, bribery, prostitution, sneak shots and dissemination of obscene films, Korean media have exposed various crimes of the "Burning Sun" club.

South Korea MBN TV host:Recently, someone has stood up and pointed out that drug abuse and drug trafficking in clubs in the south of the Yangtze River are blatant, claiming that he saw all this with his own eyes. In order to write novels and get real materials, writer Zhu Yuankui went deep into clubs in the south of the Yangtze River for six months and witnessed the sex trade and the specific details of collusion between the police and clubs.

Zhu Yuankui pointed out that in the "Burning Sun" club, drug abuse and drug trafficking are blatant.

Korean writer Zhu Yuankui:I’ve heard that some VIP customers take drugs in the bathroom or in a hidden place.

At present, 40 people who have been investigated by the South Korean police are all suspected of taking drugs and trafficking drugs, and nine of them secretly poisoned women as tools of sexual violence.

VIP customers of "Burning Sun" club: Give drugs and ask if you want to try them. The brokers of the club have also advised people to smoke them, saying that they will have a better time after smoking.

In addition to raping female customers, the club also organizes minors to engage in sex trade.

Korean writer Zhu Yuankui:The club systematically controls these minors, VIP customers mainly buy sex, and the club provides services to them regularly.

Zhu Yuankui alleged that in order to avoid investigation, the club had shady activities with a policeman code-named "Bear".

Korean writer Zhu Yuankui:Two hours before the investigation, talk about "bear out" in the chat group. If someone reports the police out, talk about "bear time" in code.

South Korea MBC TV host:Yin Mou, the chief police officer mentioned in Jung Joon Young’s chat group, was formally put on file for investigation on 18th. After leaving Jiangnan Police Station, Yin Mou called his younger generation to handle the matter, and the police formally started to investigate whether there was a black deal between the "Burning Sun" club and the police.

According to Korean media reports, the South Korean police determined that Yin had informed Shengli and others in advance of the progress of the case under investigation. In addition, two on-the-job policemen who received phone calls to leak investigation information were also put on file for investigation.
Yin said that he met Liu Renxi, the head of "Burning Sun" through a familiar company boss.

The South Korean police will next investigate whether there has been an improper entrustment transaction between Yin and Liu Renxi through the boss of this company, and find out whether Yin has received money from Liu Renxi.

According to Korean media reports, due to the "Victory Gate" scandal, the market value of the five major entertainment listed companies in South Korea evaporated by nearly 600 billion won (about 3.6 billion yuan), among which the brokerage company where Shengli was located suffered the biggest decline, and its market value shrank by 25%.

At the same time, the "Zhang Ziyan sex entertainment case" ten years ago has also returned to the public eye.

In March 2009, the late Korean actress Zhang Ziyan committed suicide after leaving a list of people who were forced to provide sexual entertainment to more than 30 enterprises and media executives. At that time, the prosecution closed the case without suspicion. Due to repeated petitions from the Korean people, the fact-finding mission of the South Korean Procuratorate launched an investigation on the list last year, but the investigation period will expire at the end of March this year.

Recently, the only witness of the case, Zhang Ziyan’s school sister Yin Zhiwu, chose to return to South Korea to testify for Zhang Ziyan’s real name and turn over the case again.

In addition, South Korea’s former Deputy Minister of Justice Jin Xueyi’s sexual assault scandal also fermented again.

According to reports, Jin Xueyi was suspected of accepting a sexual reception arranged by a builder in a villa in gangwon in 2009. He not only used drugs, used various tools to commit violence and rape, but also made the process into a film to threaten the parents of the victims. At that time, the police had the key evidence but did not investigate it in depth, and finally came to the conclusion that there was no suspicion. Until now, Jin Xueyi still denies sexual violence.

South Korea JTBC TV host:Not only the investigation by the prosecution and the police, but also the court rejected the application for ruling. This decision is really doubtful. Now we need to find out the truth. Some people suspect that the center of all this is Cheongwadae at that time.

The sex scandal in South Korea’s entertainment industry quickly spread to South Korean police, prosecutors and even Cheongwadae. On the 18th, South Korean President Moon Jae in officially issued instructions, asking the police and prosecutors to find out the truth and give an explanation to the public on the basis of the fate of the organization.

South Korean President Moon Jae in:Find out the truth of the case that the limitation of public prosecution has expired, and seriously deal with the cases that are still within the limitation of public prosecution according to law.

Moon Jae in also emphasized that South Korea can’t talk about a just society without uncovering the truth of the social privileged class incident.