2023 Yantai Spring Auto Show offers to watch first.

Original title: 2023 Yantai Spring Auto Show offers to watch first.

Source: Yantai Daily

Original title: 2023 Yantai Spring Auto Show offers to watch first.

Source: Yantai Daily

Time: April 13th-17th Location: Yantai International Expo Center.

From April 13th to 17th, the 2023 Yantai Spring Auto Show was a shock! This auto show will kick off at the International Expo Center. According to reports, this spring auto show is the first large-scale auto show resumed in our city since the epidemic prevention and control entered a new stage. The long-awaited auto dealers have actively participated in it. You can think of all the popular brands and models on the market, and all kinds of preferential policies will definitely make you glad you came.

SAIC Datong V70

With thousands of expectations, the "new generation crossover car"-SAIC Datong MAXUS V70 new road officially opened for pre-sale, with the pre-sale price of elite version of 148,800 yuan, and the preferential policies for over-valued car purchase are coming simultaneously: from now until April 21st, users can enjoy the pre-sale gifts of V70 new road by ordering and paying the deposit in 1000 yuan through official channels, including seven luxury gifts such as cash gift, trendy customized gift and new financial gift, and the old car owners will have a mysterious gift when they continue to buy! On the occasion of the new car pre-sale, SAIC MAXUS took the "user co-creation gene" to the next level, and continued to launch the new generation of user co-creation plan during the one-month pre-sale activity, inviting users to deeply participate in the co-creation of "limited co-creation model" and boosting the new way of V70 to become the most obvious model for users of SAIC MAXUS to co-create genes.

Tucki P7i

Tucki’s brand-new P7i Super Smart Coupe was officially launched, with a price of 249,900 yuan. The new P7i is an all-round upgraded model of Tucki P7. The whole system comes standard with electric suction door and electric tailgate, and it enjoys the flagship configuration at the beginning. It also provides 6 exterior colors, 4 interior colors and 2 wheels. The whole system is upgraded with 160+ items of comfort and technology configuration, so that users can buy cars comfortably and feel at ease. At present, the test drive has arrived at the store, and everyone is welcome to enjoy the test drive. Xpeng Motors Yantai Golden Beach Shop VIP line: 0535-6963223.

GAC Mitsubishi

The Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi Auto Show was shocked. The Outlander Changyang Edition bargain-hunting special car was 119,800 yuan, the Outlander Changyang Edition Auto Show special price was 137,800 yuan, and the Outlander Yaodong Edition employee exclusive price was 145,800 yuan. The new Outlander guide price is 169,800 yuan-229,800 yuan, and the comprehensive discount of the whole department has dropped by 20,000 yuan. The special price of Yige Fearless Auto Show is 118,800 yuan. During the auto show, you can buy all models of GAC Mitsubishi to send luxury gift packages, and there is also a 0 down payment and a long five-year financial policy for you to choose from. For details, please contact Taikoo Mitsubishi Airport Road: 6663030.

Chery ice cream

Chery QQ Ice Cream, the first product of Chery New Energy iCar Eco-pure electric boutique car "Happy Toy" and "Love Gift", is divided into three configurations, two cruising ranges and six optional colors. The configurations are: milkshake version (battery life 120km), cone version (battery life 120km) and sundae version (battery life 170km). The guiding prices are: 35,900 yuan, 39,900 yuan and 45,900 yuan respectively. Colors are: coconut white, light lotus root, sea salt blue, taro purple and mint green. MINI body, one parking two cars, easy to turn, free and flexible, easy to drive and stop, now enjoy the whole car and three power lifetime warranty+lifetime free road rescue+lifetime free inspection in the store. Yantai Chelifang Chery New Energy 4S Store, please contact Manager Lin at 18561120228 for details.

Wuling binguo

Starting from 59,800 yuan! Wuling Binguo, a large-space five-door pure tram, was officially listed. Wuling Binguo, a large-space five-door pure tram, is officially listed with sincerity and surprise in the expectation! The new car has launched five vehicle configurations, namely, the light and comfortable models with a battery life of 203km, and the fast, enjoyable and connected models with a battery life of 333km. The price range is 59,800 yuan-83,800 yuan. Wuling officials sincerely prepare three "colorful gifts" for users, including colorful car purchase gifts: enjoy 2000 yuan replacement subsidy or financial subsidy; Colorful and intimate gift: give the whole car 3M solar film; Colorful inductance gift: give 3.5kW charging pile (with installation conditions); Buy 333km of enjoyment money and give an extra 10.25-inch intelligent central control large screen. From now on, users can pay for 99 yuan’s subscription through official designated online channels such as LING Club APP/ applet and official flagship store of Wuling Baojun Tmall. Sales hotline: 0535-6016199.

Mg mg5

Brand-new MG5, young people’s first trendy sports car, "a trendy running, winning youth", high value, high performance-to-price ratio, all standard LED automatic induction headlights, keyless entry, one-click start million-level Fastback slip-back design, ingenious creation, only for youth to shine more.

Chang’ an Lumin

From the appearance, the overall design of Chang ‘an Lumin waxy corn is very cute. The two round headlights look very cute like "eyes". As a leader in the mini-car market, the body size of waxy corn is also larger than other competing products, like a cute chubby pier. In terms of safety, waxy corn is equipped with primary and secondary airbags, and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited’s batteries also provide more protection for car safety. In terms of battery life, waxy corn is available in three versions, which are 155km, 210km and 301km respectively, to meet the needs of urban transportation.

Saic feifan F7

SAIC Feifan F7, a medium and large luxury pure electric car, is on the market! Immediately set a time limit to enjoy 7 gifts such as free charging and replacing electricity for life! We also enjoy the monthly rent of separation of vehicle and electricity, 5.5% discount for 12 periods, 36 months of careful polishing and 9 times of vibration filtering measures, and the comprehensive vibration isolation rate of 95% is solid, so as to make the chassis to the extreme. The auto show invites you to make an appointment to see the car test drive! Feifan Automobile Yantai Juntong Experience Center Sales Hotline: 0535-6368989.

Sanwushe motorcycle

At this year’s auto show, Sanwushe, as the first professional standard motorcycle 4s shop in Yantai, also participated in this grand event, showing its unique style to citizens and friends, and adding more free and modern fashion colors to this exhibition. Sanwushe Motorcycle is located at No.10 Tonghuang Road, Zhifu District, Yantai, with QJMOTOR Yantai flagship store, which distributes motorcycles of Kawasaki, Augusta, Motoguzi, Apulia, piaggio, BMW, KTM, Harley, Indian, Kaixuan and other brands. If you come to the scene in person, you must not miss the motorcycle booth.