Car explosion of a Russian political party chairman Medvedev: despicable attack

  [Global Network Report] According to Russian media reports such as RIA Novosti and Tass, the car of zahar Prilepin, a Russian writer and co-chairman of the "Just Russia-Patriots-For Truth" party, exploded in Nizhny Novgorod on the 6th, killing the driver and injuring Prilepin. Oleg Osipov, vice-chairman of the Russian Federal Security Council and assistant to Medvedev, chairman of the United Russia Party, said on the same day that Medvedev said in a telegram sent to Prilepin that the explosion in his car was "a despicable attack launched by Nazi extremists".

Medvedev, data map, from RIA Novosti

  According to the Tass news agency, Osipov said on the same day that Medvedev told Prilepin in a telegram, "I am very angry to learn that Nazi extremists have launched despicable attacks on you and people close to you. On behalf of the United Russia Party and in my own name, I would like to express my sincere support to you at this difficult time. I would like to extend my deep condolences to the family of your colleague who died as a result of this shameless crime. "

Prilepin, data map, from RIA Novosti

  According to the report, Medvedev also said that Russia will not let such crimes go unpunished. "We are dealing with a cowardly enemy who tries to intimidate us. The goal is the true patriots of our country, those who do their best to serve the motherland and those who are doing their best to defeat Ukrainian neo-Nazism. These crimes will not go unpunished. " "Those who commit these crimes and their ideological supporters will not escape punishment," he said. He also wished Prilepin a speedy recovery and good health.

The picture of Prilepin’s car after the explosion in Nizhny Novgorod on May 6, from the Russian News Agency.

  According to previous media reports, on the 6th local time, in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, the car of zahar Prilepin, co-chairman of the Russian "Just Russia-Patriots-For Truth" party, exploded, killing the driver and injuring Prilepin himself. The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs said on the same day that the suspect suspected of making this car bombing has been arrested. He is a man born in Ukraine, and the relevant Russian departments have characterized the case as a "terrorist attack". The investigation commission of the Russian Federation said that the suspect had admitted that he was instructed by the Ukrainian intelligence service. According to Ukrainian media reports, the Ukrainian National Security Agency said on the same day that it could not confirm or deny its participation in the car bombing.