Beware of hidden dangers in small toys.

  Unsafe bamboo dragonfly safe bamboo dragonfly

  Are online explosive toys really suitable for children? Do you pass the quality test for the small gifts distributed free of charge by scanning the QR code at the school gate? Will the prizes won by playing entertainment in the playground have potential safety hazards? Recently, many hot-selling toys have been tested by the Defective Product Management Center of the State Administration of Market Supervision, and there are potential safety hazards. What is more worrying, however, is that some toys are still sold in places frequented by children.

  Online celebrity balloon, bamboo dragonfly, hand wheel, water sprite, water gun, crystal mud … … After reading the "black list", I’m afraid many parents will exclaim: "I have all these toys at home"!

  Worry 1

  The recalled toys are still selling well.

  On weekends, families with children can be seen everywhere in Chaoyang Park. "Ah, toys!" Not long after entering the children’s play area, Ms. Xu’s two children cheered and rushed to the toy booth on the roadside. I saw all kinds of children’s toys, such as colorful windmills, boxed puzzles, bubble sticks, bubble guns, plastic dinosaurs, etc., in the toy shed, and the two children were picky for a while.

  My sister took a fancy to a plastic hand-wheeled toy. Under a plastic stick, colored plastic wheels were installed, and the wheels were decorated with three colored balls. As long as you push the wheel forward, it will make a "click" sound. The younger brother took a fancy to a hand-propelled airplane toy displayed next to him, which is similar to the principle of a hand-propelled wheel. As long as the airplane is pushed forward with a plastic stick, the airplane can also make a sound.

  Ms. Xu turned the two toys upside down and looked at them carefully for a long time. There were no manufacturers or instructions, only the English words "Made in China" were vaguely printed on the bottom of the plane. Hey, if it isn’t the three no products!

  In a park near the Third Ring Road, in the children’s play area, as long as you spend 20 yuan throwing darts or shooting a target, you can choose a small prize at will. Including transparent bead bracelets, plastic gyroscopes, scooters, ejection "bamboo dragonflies" and so on. Almost all of these small prizes are "three noes" products.

  ■ The reporter found that

  The danger of suffocation is everywhere.

  Are these toys that sell well in the park really safe? The reporter learned that due to potential safety hazards, the European Union and the United States have issued recall notices for online celebrity toys such as hand-propelled wheels and hand-propelled airplanes. Among them, the hand-wheeled toys recalled by the European Union are exactly the same as the products still sold in toy stalls in Chaoyang Park.

  According to the experimental test of the Defective Product Management Center of the State Administration of Market Supervision, the handle collar of the hand-wheeled toy is easy to break off and can be completely contained in the small parts tube. The plastic ball on the sample wheel can fall off under the tensile force of 10N, and can completely pass through the ball test template. These small parts fall off easily, and young children may put them in their mouths and suffocate.

  The hand-propelled airplane toys recalled in the United States may also cause suffocation to young children because of the possibility of parts falling off.

  Moreover, Frozen plastic dolls were also recalled by the European Union. According to the experimental test results in China, the content of phthalate esters is too high, which poses a risk of chemical poisoning in children. After testing, the ejection "bamboo dragonfly" toy in the children’s entertainment area of the park is fast and has great impact. If it is misused by children as a slingshot, it will easily cause personal injury.

  Worry 2

  Free delivery of "problem" toys at the school gate

  Half an hour before school is over, the salesmen of various extracurricular training classes have already "fenced in" at the entrance of the kindergarten early, and set up their booths to outdo each other. "If you register your name and phone number here, you can get a bamboo dragonfly." "Make an appointment for an audition class and send a cartoon plush hand warmer." "Crystal mud that can blow bubbles, just scan the QR code and send it." Campus and kindergarten gates are more lively than the vegetable market.

  "The quality of free toys distributed at the entrance of the kindergarten every day is really poor. In the summer, I sent out the plastic bamboo dragonfly in the robot cat cartoon. Its leaves are as sharp as knives, and some children in the community scratched their faces while playing. The kind of crystal mud that can blow bubbles, when opened, is a pungent smell. Children put a straw in their mouth and blow it, especially afraid that they will accidentally suck it into their mouth; The plastic whistle pen issued by the child is blown in his mouth every day. We are particularly worried. I don’t know what material it is made of, and I feel that it is really unsafe and unsanitary. " Xiaoyuan’s mother said helplessly that she had reminded the old people at home many times not to give their children free toys at the school gate, but the old people didn’t take it seriously at all, and felt that other children had received them, so it was no problem to play for a while.

  ■ The reporter found that

  Crystal mud borax exceeds the standard too seriously.

  According to the monitoring of the Defective Product Management Center of the State Administration of Market Supervision, there are many kinds of "mud" toys such as "Crystal Mud" and "slime" in recent years. But for "mud" toys, borax, which is extremely harmful to human health, is one of the essential raw materials for making. Excessive intake in a short period of time will cause nausea, vomiting, depression, convulsions, skin flushing, circulatory failure and other symptoms. Excessive intake for a long time will lead to cumulative poisoning of multiple organs, causing damage to organs such as liver, kidney, brain and lung. The test results of 10 finished products "Crystal Mud" purchased at random in the market show that the boron content of 8 products exceeds 300mg/kg, and the highest one reaches 1336mg/kg, far exceeding the safety limit of boron content in various countries.

  In addition, some "bamboo dragonfly" toy products sold in the market, because of their unreasonable design, lead to children’s eyes or faces being scratched in the process of playing. Therefore, parents are advised not to buy or play with the "bamboo dragonfly" designed as leaves for children, but to buy or play with the "bamboo dragonfly" toy products designed as circular leaves.

  Worry 3

  "online celebrity Balloon" sells 6000 sets a month.

  Transparent balloons are filLED with cartoon images or feathers, and the led strip wrapped around them can also give off dreamy light, so that balloons that can shine at night frequently appear in the streets in recent years and instantly become "online celebrity". Some parents buy new toys online and send them home to their children. The reporter saw in an online shop that the price of five sets of "online celebrity Balloons" is 19 yuan, which shows that the place of delivery is Beijing, and the average monthly sales of "online celebrity Balloons" is more than 6,000 sets.

  In the comment area, the reporter saw that there were many children waving balloons in their hands, and many babies still couldn’t walk. Some children directly bite the balloon’s luminous support stick with their mouths, while others directly stick their faces and foreheads on the balloon surface. "Fragile, easy to break." "Poor, it will explode without blowing much." Many buyers who have received the goods have complained about the quality of the products in the comment area, and the balloon is easy to explode and the parts are damaged.

  ■ The reporter found that

  Once the balloon explodes, the consequences are unimaginable.

  Is "online celebrity Balloon" really suitable for children as toys? The Defective Product Management Center of the State Administration of Market Supervision suggests that "online celebrity Balloon" is mostly made of plastic, and once it comes into contact with a high-temperature heat source (such as a stove) or an open flame (such as a lighter), the balloon may explode. Balloon deflagration will produce irritating toxic gas, which may cause burns and other injuries to human respiratory tract. Because the winding form of the light belt on the balloon is relatively simple, once the balloon deflates, the light belt is easily put around the neck of children after falling off, which poses a danger to children’s neck.

  Therefore, don’t take a balloon in a car, subway, elevator, etc. Once an explosion occurs, the impact of a closed space will be very great. When playing with balloons, stay away from fire sources, heat sources and sharp objects, and don’t use lighters to burn the traction line of balloons to prevent dangerous situations such as sudden deflagration and explosion of balloons. Children should play with such balloons under the supervision of their parents. It is best not to buy such balloons when the weather is very hot, because high temperature weather is more likely to cause balloon explosion. At the same time, when buying balloons, carefully check whether there are cracks on the balloon surface and connection points.


  Some gadgets can’t be played

  In fact, many seemingly interesting toys or some "online celebrity toys" are not suitable for children to play with. Some toys have even caused injuries to children many times.

  For example, in recent years, the newly-developed online celebrity product "Magnetic Pen" has not only the normal writing function, but also the magnets embedded at both ends of the pen, together with the matching steel balls, which can realize a variety of combined games by means of magnetic attraction. However, according to public opinion monitoring, the Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision, there are not a few cases of such magnet injuries, and most of them occur in children aged 1 to 10. If these small parts enter the trachea, they will cause the danger of suffocation; If it enters the digestive tract, it will cause vomiting and abdominal pain, and it will lead to gastrointestinal damage; Especially when two or more magnets are swallowed, the magnets will attract each other through the gastrointestinal wall in the digestive system, which may cause gastrointestinal perforation or intestinal obstruction.

  Water sprite, also called "water-absorbing bomb" by boys, is a kind of bead-shaped water-absorbing resin, which used to be widely used in potted plants for water conservation and interior decoration. Some merchants take advantage of this feature, package it and sell it as a toy, and even make a water pistol with water sprite as the bullet. However, water sprite absorbs water and expands after entering the respiratory tract, which may block the respiratory tract and lead to suffocation; After entering the digestive tract, it absorbs water and expands, which will lead to intestinal obstruction and intestinal dilatation. According to the staff of the center, there are injury cases that show that when children are playing water sprite, water sprite’s fragments stick to their fingers, and when they rub their eyes with their hands, water sprite’s fragments will scratch their eyeballs, leading to lens infection and possibly blindness. There have been many similar injury accidents in China.

  Please check when buying toys.

  What should I pay attention to when buying toys for my children? The staff of the Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision hereby reminds parents:

  ■ When buying or playing with toys for young children, be sure to check whether the small parts in the toys are too small and whether the fixed small parts on the toys are secure, so as to avoid the danger of suffocation caused by children eating small parts by mistake;

  ■ Check whether there are sharp edges or sharp tips in toys to prevent children from being scratched or stabbed while playing;

  ■ Check whether there are dangerous cracks in toys to avoid children being pinched;

  ■ In addition, try not to buy toy products without the factory name and address logo.