Yantai complaint hot spot in 2023: There are many problems in the consumption and entertainment of minors.

  Public Network reporter Qu Chenchen correspondent Liu Xiaoxia Yantai reports.

  In 2023, Yantai’s government portal, 12345 hotline, letters and letters, the city’s consumer associations and the national 12315 Internet platform received a total of 135,436 complaints from the masses, saving consumers more than 3.1 million yuan in economic losses. Consumer demands mainly focus on the following hot issues:

  Minors’ consumption and entertainment are beginning to appear.In 2023, minor consumer infringement occurred from time to time. After consumer disputes, operators shirked their responsibilities, which made it difficult for consumers to protect their rights. The main problems of consumer complaints:Providing inappropriate or even illegal goods or services to minors; There are hidden dangers in the safety of children’s entertainment places.Some children’s entertainment places do not have the technical conditions to protect consumers’ personal and property safety, and the entertainment places and facilities, safety warning signs, safety protection measures, necessary ambulance personnel and equipment, safety management system and emergency plan are not complete and perfect;The consumption environment is worrying,Many children’s amusement parks are built in the corner of the underground floor of shopping malls, which have problems such as poor air circulation and environmental deterioration.

  There are many problems in early education institutions.Early education institutions are generally institutions that provide early education services for children aged 0-6, which meet the needs of parents for child care to some extent. However, with the decline in the number of newborns, some early education institutions with weak competitiveness and irregular management have been eliminated by the market one after another. The main problems of consumer complaints are:Early education institutions unilaterally change the training place.Some early education institutions unilaterally change the training place without the consent of consumers, and the teaching environment and facilities have changed greatly, and the commuting time of consumers has increased, which has affected the children’s class effect.Early education institutions have been in arrears for a long time.Some early education institutions need to refund the fees after collecting the training fees from consumers, but the promised refund is late.Early education institutions run away.Affected by the decline in the number of newborns, poor management of early education institutions and broken capital chain, early education institutions have closed down frequently.