Xiaomi car is really here! Insiders exposed the core information, Lei Jun really wants to play big.

Zhiji Automobile/Zhang Xuanmo

With the continuous good news of sales on the 14 th front of the Double Eleven Xiaomi, Xiaomi Automobile, which may lead Xiaomi to a new peak, has also made progress recently. A few days ago, some people broke the news on the social media platform, saying that in recent days, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will release an application announcement related to Xiaomi Automobile. The Xiaomi car will use Xiaomi brand and exclusive trademark, and the first car will be positioned as a C-class luxury car.

With regard to the appearance of Xiaomi car, many Reuters pictures have been circulated on the Internet before, but most of them have come to nothing because there is no authoritative person to confirm them. This time, the issue can finally draw a more satisfactory full stop.

In design, Xiaomi car is similar to Taycan, with a coupe-type slip-back shape. The front face is expected to be equipped with a fully enclosed grille, supplemented by rectangular LED strip on both sides, emphasizing the fashionable and simple sports posture. The new car sideways has smooth lines and the waistline is retracted. At the rear of the car, it is equipped with a forward-leaning rear windshield, and the top of the trunk is equipped with a liftable tail. In addition, trendy configurations such as frameless doors, hidden door handles and lidar will not be absent from Xiaomi’s new car.

Compared with its main competitors BYD Han and Tucki P7, Xiaomi’s appearance is closer to that of a sports car, and it intends to build a civilian coupe with a sense of science and technology, and its market positioning is quite novel.

It is worth mentioning that the tail label of Xiaomi Automobile is "Beijing Xiaomi", which is made from "zero to one" by Xiaomi’s own new factory in Yizhuang, Beijing, and is not the OEM circulating on the Internet before. As early as September 2021, Xiaomi established Xiaomi Automobile Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 10 billion yuan, and Lei Jun personally served as the legal representative of the company. In addition to the frame, Xiaomi’s self-developed technology has appeared in automobile parts such as motors, large die castings and battery packs. From this point of view, General Lei’s "gambling on all the honors of his life" is not empty talk.

In terms of intelligent vehicle system, winning numbers’s surging OS system must have been "aligned" with HarmonyOS. As for whether it can exceed consumers’ expectations and open up a new world for automobile intelligent ecology, we still have more expectations. After all, HarmonyOS 4 has lifted the ceiling very high, and the pressure on Xiaomi’s shoulder is not small. In terms of hardware, in July this year, a blogger revealed that the battery pack capacity of Xiaomi’s new car reached 101kWh, which supports 800V high-voltage fast charging. The suppliers should be Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, AVIC Lithium Battery and BYD.

As for the price that everyone is most looking forward to, Xiaomi Automobile may let everyone down this time. The blogger who broke the news said that the price of Xiaomi Automobile starts at 300,000, and it will provide multiple versions. The high-end version is close to 400,000. This price is almost out of the civilian class, and more is the impact in the middle and high-end direction.

This March of Xiaomi Automobile has undoubtedly brought new pressure to the automobile industry. Traditional automakers not only have to face threats from new forces, but also beware of cross-border challengers like Xiaomi. I hope that major brands can refuel and think about how to bring better experience and service to consumers from a new perspective. Let’s look forward to the future performance of Xiaomi Automobile!

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