Is there radiation injury to the body when the mobile phone is charged in the air? Rumor has come.

  Since the advent of the "artifact" of wireless mobile phone charging from a distance, the saying that it is "harmful to the body by radiation" on the Internet has never been broken. Will charging black technology from a distance really harm your health? Zhao Yingjun, a network musician, died of liver cancer because he stayed up all the year round. Can staying up late really lead to liver cancer? Besides, does sleeping on the left side oppress the heart? The latest monthly "science" gossip list has refuted the above rumors. At the same time, the official positive solution to the false statement that "reconstituted milk" is fake milk, and the high-rise building caught fire and ran to the top of the building, is also packaged for everyone today.

  The monthly "scientific" gossip list is guided by Beijing Science and Technology Association, Beijing Municipal Committee Network Information Office, Capital Internet Association, and jointly released by Beijing Science and Technology Journalists Editors Association and Beijing regional website joint rumor platform.


  Staying up all year round affects detoxification and can cause liver cancer.

  Truth: There is no basis for saying that "human organs will detoxify at night, and if they stay up late, the toxins will not be discharged". At present, all the causes of liver cancer are not fully understood, but some factors in life do increase the risk of liver cancer.

  Risk factors of liver cancer include hepatitis virus infection, alcoholism, cirrhosis, aflatoxin, gene mutation, hereditary metabolic disease, smoking, obesity, type II diabetes, vinyl chloride and thorium dioxide. However, it should be noted that having one or more risk factors does not necessarily mean that you will get cancer. Vaccination of hepatitis B vaccine, regular physical examination, treatment of basic diseases, quitting smoking and drinking, keeping a healthy weight and staying away from carcinogens are all known methods to reduce the risk of liver cancer.

  Although staying up late is not a known direct cause of liver cancer, staying up late will reduce the body’s resistance and is one of the causes of many basic diseases. Therefore, it is very important to develop a good lifestyle and try to avoid the habit of staying up late, smoking, drinking and other high risk diseases.


  "Charging in the air" is extremely radioactive and harmful to the body.

  Truth: According to the technical principle, wireless charging technology can be divided into three categories, namely electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic resonance and radio wave. No matter which method of charging from a distance (wireless charging), its technical basis is inseparable from electromagnetic waves, which will produce radiation. The higher the frequency and the greater the energy, the stronger the corresponding radiation. However, when discussing the influence of radiation on human body, we must consider the radiation amount. If the charging power of electronic products is not high, the influence on human body can be ignored.

  The radiation standard is also related to the space area. According to the upper limit of safety set by the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation, the safe radiation range of human body is 10 watts/square meter. According to the family housing area of 90 square meters, the maximum radiation power that residents can bear at home is about 900 watts. According to the calculation, the highest emission power of the charging pile charged from a distance is only 25 watts, so it can ensure human safety.

  Radio wave charging technology is transmitted to mobile phones in the form of "millimeter wave" extremely narrow beam. At present, there is no experimental data showing that millimeter wave will bring radiation, which means that the "radiation" of millimeter wave will not bring negative impact on human health.


  Sleeping on the left side will crush your heart, which is not good for your health.

  Truth: This statement is wrong. The human heart is perfectly protected by the thorax composed of ribs and will not be easily oppressed in any direction. Even if it is occasionally hit by the outside world, as long as the intensity is not too high, it will generally not cause substantial damage to the heart. Moreover, when we lie to the left, above the heart is the right lung, which is big but light, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

  However, for most patients with heart disease, the right lateral position is indeed superior to the left lateral position. When lying on the left side, because the heart is located below the midline (center of gravity) of the body, more blood returns to the heart due to gravity, and the burden on the heart is greater than that on the right side. Therefore, in order to reduce the burden on the heart, patients with heart disease are advised to lie on the right side.


  The lack of nutrition in reconstituted milk is "fake milk" and "waste oil" in milk.

  Truth: This statement has no scientific basis. Fresh milk refers to the milk that leaves the cow within 24 hours; Restored milk, also known as "reduced milk" or "reduced milk", is an emulsion obtained by mixing dried or concentrated dairy products with water in proportion. Compared with fresh milk, the production process of reconstituted milk adds the steps of high-temperature sterilization, but it has little effect on the main nutritional components (such as protein and calcium).

  People drink or eat dairy products, mainly to supplement protein and calcium. After protein in dairy products enters human body, it is mainly decomposed into peptides and amino acids for human body to absorb.

  Although there is high-temperature sterilization in the processing of reconstituted milk, the protein structure in milk will change, but the amino acids that make up protein will not change, so high-temperature sterilization has little effect on the nutritional value and digestibility of protein in reconstituted milk. In addition, the calcium in reconstituted milk may only affect its dissolved state after heating, and will not affect the absorption rate of calcium by human body.

  Fermented Milk (GB 19302-2010), Sterilized Milk (GB 25190-2010) and modified milk (GB 25191-2010) and other standards have all made it clear in different forms that reconstituted milk can be used in dairy production, and it is a regular product allowed by the state. The reconstituted milk is a dairy product that can provide nutrients such as protein and calcium for human body. At present, the products made of reconstituted milk in the market generally contain sugar, essence, etc. Consumers are advised to choose a relatively suitable dairy product according to their own situation.


  In case of fire in a tall building, take the elevator downstairs or run to the roof.

  Truth: The Beijing Fire and Rescue Corps clearly pointed out through the official release platform that it is forbidden to take the elevator after a fire, and the safe passage should be taken when the high-rise building is evacuated. There is a fire in a high-rise building, and people must never escape by elevator. Because after the fire, the power supply of the elevator is likely to be cut off at the first time, causing people in the elevator car to be trapped. At the scene of the fire, the elevator shaft is equivalent to a big chimney, and a large amount of smoke pours into the elevator shaft, which can easily cause "stack effect", and people inside will be suffocated by the smoke and poisonous gas.

  It is also unwise to run high. After the fire broke out, the smoke went up at an extremely fast speed, so people could hardly run at the speed of the smoke, and they might inhale a lot of smoke.

  The correct way is: if you are on the middle and low floors of the building, try to take the fire escape and run to the ground floor as soon as possible and leave the building. Try to lower your body when you escape, and cover your nose and mouth with a wet towel if possible.

  If you are in the middle and high level of the office building, look for the refuge floor as soon as possible. According to the national fire building code, high-rise buildings over 100 meters need to be provided with refuge floors. Under normal circumstances, the floor spacing between two refuge floors will not exceed 15 floors. In case of fire, people can enter the refuge floor as soon as possible and wait for evacuation and rescue.

  If you are on a low floor like the second floor, you can also fix the fixed components in the house with ropes, and then tie the body down. But it must be remembered that you can’t escape by this method above three floors.

  Text/reporter Li Jie