Produce 50 prototype cars every week! Xiaomi car is really coming.

Xiaomi automobile has made new progress!

according toboundaryAccording to news reports, an insider close to Xiaomi Automobile revealed that Xiaomi Automobile is now in the trial production stage, and this work has been carried out for less than one month. At present, Xiaomi produces about 50 prototype cars every week, and there are few workers at night. According to people familiar with the matter, trial production is one of the most important tasks before mass production. It can test whether the production line equipment runs smoothly, the process is connected, the workers are proficient, and the product consistency is comprehensively tested. If there are similar problems in the test process of the prototype, the production line will be further investigated and debugged, otherwise it will prove that the production line is basically qualified and can enter the stage of mass production.

At the end of last month, foreign media reported that Xiaomi Company had obtained the production qualification of new energy vehicles. At that time, informed sources revealed that Xiaomi Company had been approved by the national planning department of China to produce electric vehicles (EVs), which marked an important step for the smart phone manufacturer to "produce cars early next year". In addition, the National Development and Reform Commission, which is in charge of supervising the new investment and production capacity of China’s automobile industry, approved the Beijing-based Xiaomi Company to produce electric vehicles earlier this month. Xiaomi’s joint venture is the fourth joint venture approved by the National Development and Reform Commission since the end of 2017. However, Xiaomi Auto official did not respond to this news.

However, at the same time, the ICP/IP address/domain name information filing management system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed that Xiaomi Automobile completed the domain name filing of "" website on August 2, and the industry speculated that this might become the future official website website of Xiaomi Automobile.

Prior to this, the bidding and tendering trading system of Beijing engineering construction showed that the bidding announcement of Huanjing Road (Nanjie-Xinsi Road in Xinnan District) and municipal engineering (survey) supporting Xiaomi Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Base Project (Phase I) in Beijing Yizhuang New Town was released. The start of bidding for supporting roads indicates that the first phase of Xiaomi Factory has entered the final stage of completion. At present, the general scope of Xiaomi Automobile Factory reported by many media is Yizhuang, Beijing, Tongyi Road in the west, Huanjing West 1st Road in the east, Jingsheng South 4th Street in the north and Yitong Street in the south.

Interface News pointed out in the latest report that people close to Xiaomi Automobile said: "Xiaomi Automobile got the approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in the last two months, and it can be approved by the end of the year at the latest. As soon as the approval is obtained, it can immediately increase the horsepower and mass-produce Xiaomi Automobile." At present, the Yizhuang factory of Xiaomi Automobile is recruiting workshop workers on a large scale, but this round of recruitment is only for Xiaomi Automobile to prepare for mass production in the early stage. By the end of the year or early next year, Xiaomi Automobile will usher in a larger-scale recruitment.

In addition, Cailian also said in the report that, unlike the "endless" that was still in the initial stage of construction nearly a year and a half ago, Xiaomi Automobile Factory has entered the stage of internal decoration and will soon be officially completed. At the same time, in order to reduce the cost of vehicle research and development and shorten the product research and development cycle, the construction project of Xiaomi Automobile R&D Experimental Verification Center has also been prepared for construction.

According to the plan announced by Xiaomi Automobile in the early days, Xiaomi Automobile Project will build Xiaomi Automobile Headquarters Base, Sales Headquarters and R&D Headquarters, and will be divided into two parts.Phase I will build a vehicle factory with an annual output of 300,000 vehicles, of which the production capacity of Phase I and Phase II will be 150,000 vehicles respectively. In 2024, the first model will be rolled off the assembly line and mass production will be realized.

Previously, the test car of Xiaomi Automobile was exposed on the Internet, when Xiaomi Automobile was in Toulu.After doing the test, Lei Jun and Lu Weibing and other senior executives also visited the site to pay attention to the test results of Xiaomi Automobile.

On August 19th, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, Lu Weibing, partner and president, and other senior executives all participated in the road test of Xiaomi Automobile in Xinjiang. Hu Zhengnan, the investment partner of Shunwei Capital, revealed the energy consumption of Xiaomi Automobile on his social media.

In addition, insiders of Xiaomi revealed that this year’s first-and second-tier battery suppliers of Xiaomi Automobile have finalized Zhongchuang Singapore Airlines (formerly known as Zhongchuang Lithium Battery) and. Insiders of Xiaomi said that Xiaomi Automobile has made it clear that it will take software rather than hardware as its main profit strategy. In order to maintain the advantage of high cost performance of Xiaomi, the profit rate of parts of Xiaomi Automobile will remain at around 1%, and the future profit will mainly depend on software services and ecological services.

With the Xiaomi Automobile Factory coming into production soon,Xiaomi’s first car will also be soon.Enter the formal mass production stage.In fact, since Xiaomi entered the automobile circle, whether Xiaomi can build a car has been questioned. Lei Jun also said in an interview with CCTV that he didn’t want to build a car at first, and even had the idea of retirement, but Xiaomi wants to be a great company. He must follow the wind. At this moment, the tuyere is in the field of smart electric vehicles, so Xiaomi’s car-making is a forced choice.

After that, Lei Jun once confidently set the flag of "entering the first camp in the industry in 2024". Of course, self-confidence is self-confidence. At present, the competition in the new energy automobile market is becoming increasingly fierce. As a fledgling brand in the automobile circle, it is still unknown whether Xiaomi Automobile can get a "piece of cake" in the automobile market after the new car goes on the market.