BYD Tang Family’s pre-sale of high-value series is 250,000 yuan.

  On August 25th, Chengdu Auto Show officially opened. BYD’s Tang family made a heavy debut with its high-value series of new cars, welcoming the enthusiastic onlookers of the exhibitors. At the auto show, the new model was officially pre-sold, and the pre-sale price was 250,000 yuan — 310 thousand yuan.

The pre-sale price of BYD Tang family's high-value series is 250,000 yuan-310,000 yuan _fororder_image003

  The three "engines" of the Tang family are driven side by side, and they are strong and strong, focusing on the needs of different scenes at the top level. Among them, the Tang EV Champion Edition has two-wheel drive/four-wheel drive multiple endurance versions and luxury six/seven-seat options, which adds to the family happiness of pursuing high-quality travel; Tang DM-p Champion Edition/God of War Edition, with the product characteristics of "full scene and zero anxiety", comprehensively improves the travel quality of family users who love life and dare to explore; Tang DM-i Champion Edition is 200KM, which can meet the needs of elite users in big cities with longer commuting radius and expand the width of life indefinitely.

The pre-sale price of BYD Tang family's high-value series is 250,000-310,000 yuan _fororder_image001.

  It is advanced inside and outside the Tang family of Chinese artisans

  As the flagship SUV of BYD Wangchao. com, the Tangjia people took China culture as the core of their products and experiences from the very beginning, and organically integrated the leading technology with the national tide culture. This time, the Tang family came to rejuvenate, relying on the aesthetic design of Longyan, and focusing on the inheritance of three intangible skills, bringing about a comprehensive rejuvenation inside and outside. In appearance, the new car has silver glaze white and glacier blue new car colors. Among them, the silver glaze was inspired by the official kiln in Tang Dynasty — — Xing kiln white porcelain, like snow and silver, is gentle and restrained, expressing the temperament of China. At the same time, Tang EV Champion Edition, Tang DM-p Champion Edition/God of War Edition add penetrating Chinese knot LED taillights, which confidently express the advanced texture of China culture between light and shadow. In addition, the new car also brought 20-inch and 21-inch wheels with new shapes, which improved the overall visual effect.

The pre-sale price of BYD Tang family's high-value series is 250,000-310,000 yuan _fororder_image002.

  In the interior, the Tang family’s high-value series has added a brand-new lotus rhyme and gray color scheme (7-seat version), which is inspired by the popular color lotus root silk in autumn and a half in the Tang Dynasty. The visual sense is warm and quiet, and it is fascinating and full of Chinese charm. At the same time, the new car interior has added a larger area of soft leather package, as well as Chinese knot digital panels, antibacterial modules and other configurations, so that the cockpit has a more upscale sensory enjoyment. In order to meet the travel needs of different family users, the new car still brings six/seven seats of optional luxury and ever-changing space. Among them, the functions of ventilation, heating, electric adjustment and welcoming the main driver are all standard, and the big six-seat version is even more equipped with high-end comfort configurations such as ventilation, heating and 10-point massage in the middle row, which brings users a comfortable car experience.

The pre-sale price of BYD Tang family's high-value series is 250,000-310,000 yuan _fororder_image004.

  In addition, in response to the personalized needs of users, Tang DM-p Champion Edition launched a special version of Ares Edition. Inspired by the armor, the new car is injected with silver sand and black color matching, with high-performance golden yellow 6 piston fixed pliers (front), which brings strong visual impact. The interior is designed with black and yellow contrast colors, and the high-grade black suede is decorated with yellow stitching, which releases the deep fighting atmosphere from the inside out and shows the Chinese character.

The pre-sale price of BYD Tang family's high-value series is 250,000-310,000 yuan _fororder_image005.

  Two-way upgrade of intelligence and performance: the evolution of Tang family value

  In addition to the advanced appearance and interior, the Tangjiazu Quanqing high-value series has many upgrades in intelligence and performance. Among them, the full scene digital key can provide a variety of vehicle unlocking methods, especially the NFC car key of mobile phone is compatible with iPhone, Apple Watch and other supported Android devices, which is convenient for users to use. The vehicle is equipped with DiLink(5G) intelligent network connection system, and based on the Opteron processor, the vehicle cockpit platform supporting 5G is deeply customized in cooperation with Qualcomm. The intelligent voice interaction of the whole vehicle supports continuous dialogue in the whole scene, visible speaking, interruption at any time, four-tone wake-up and AI sound comparable to real people. The wake-up response time is only 400ms, and 100% covers 1000+ core car control functions. In addition, the ONE ID account system can realize three functions: account identification, personalized settings and ecological linkage. After getting on the bus, the personalized settings corresponding to the user account will be automatically loaded to enhance the intelligent experience.

The pre-sale price of BYD Tang family's high-value series is 250,000-310,000 yuan _fororder_image006.

  In terms of performance, the Tang EV Champion Edition is blessed by the leading three-power technology. Under comprehensive working conditions, the pure battery life can reach up to 730km, and it is equipped with a maximum 170kW safe boost DC fast charge. After charging for 10 minutes, the battery life can be increased by up to 173km. Tang DM-p Champion Edition/God of War Edition, with the mixed blessing of DM-p King, can satisfy users’ all-terrain and all-scene vehicles. Tang DM-i Champion Edition added a long battery life version with a battery life of 200km. Under comprehensive working conditions, the fuel consumption per 100 km is only 5.5L, and the battery life reaches 1,100 km, which is suitable for the travel needs of elite users in big cities with a longer commute radius of pure electricity.

The pre-sale price of BYD Tang family's high-value series is 250,000-310,000 yuan _fororder_image007.

  The new car comes standard with FSD variable damping suspension system, which can flexibly adapt to complex and diverse road conditions and bring better driving experience. Among them, Tang DM-p Champion Edition 215KM Four-wheel Drive Flagship, Tang DM-p Ares Edition and Tang EV Champion Edition 730KM Exclusive /635KM Four-wheel Drive Flagship are advanced equipped with Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system, which makes users enjoy driving interest and calmness, and realizes the "new experience of luxury leapfrog"! At the same time, the above models are also equipped with CCT comfort control technology, which makes the body posture change reach the optimal solution when the vehicle starts and brakes, giving users a perfect driving experience.

The pre-sale price of BYD Tang family's high-value series is 250,000-310,000 yuan _fororder_image008.

  After eight years of market cultivation, the Tang family, the flagship SUV of the dynasty, achieved a cumulative sales volume of over 540,000 with an average selling price of 250,000 yuan. All-round rejuvenation of the Tang family’s high-value series, from vision to driving experience, to intelligence and full-dimensional upgrade, will further meet the pursuit of high-quality car life by different middle and high-end family users. The pre-sale of the Tang family’s all-engine high-value series has been started and is being exhibited at the Chengdu Auto Show. You can have a close-up in-depth tasting. (Photo: provided by BYD)