The 6 * 6 professional off-road version of the Great Wall "Mercedes-Benz" gun appearance provides a variety of official reform styles.

There are only two kinds of pickup trucks in China, one is called the Great Wall, and the other is called others. But now it seems that this sentence is not quite right, because there is another one called the Great Wall "Mercedes-Benz Gun"!

The most fascinating thing about Mercedes-Benz is the G-class. What is more fascinating than the G-class must be the 6*6 pickup truck, which gives people the feeling of being able to desert, Gobi and desert as soon as it appears. However, the pricing is too expensive and sales in China are limited, and many provinces don’t even have a quota.

However, don’t worry, we recently obtained a set of patent pictures of the Great Wall Gun 6*6 from the website of the State Patent Office. The new car is based on the brand-new Great Wall Gun series model code P05, and more official modified versions will be launched later.

This version of the Great Wall Gun 6×6 version is expected to be a special version based on the original 6×6 version, which belongs to the Great Wall Gun model. The front double wishbone independent suspension is followed by a multi-link integral bridge suspension and a through middle bridge. Originally, the declaration was completed in 2021, but it has not been launched for some reasons. Now the new car has more news, not only the official modified version, but also higher-level products. Please continue to pay attention to us.