Beijing Evening News: On 15th of this month, Ana Carolina Reston, a 21-year-old Brazilian female model, died of complications caused by anorexia. Miss Reston’s tragedy has once again sounded the alarm for the fashion industry that encourages female models to go on a diet in order to achieve a "perfect" figure.

  Death made her famous.

    Anna is a model whose fame is rising gradually. She once performed fashion shows in Japan and became the image spokesperson of the famous Italian fashion brand giorgio armani. According to reports, before she died, Anna, who was 1.74 meters tall, weighed only 40 kilograms. She lived mainly by eating tomatoes and apples. Anna stood out in a beauty contest held in her hometown at the age of 13, and started her career as a catwalk.

    Some Brazilian newspapers paid great attention to Anna’s death. The headline of a newspaper was "Skin and bones killed a model". Anna’s mother, miriam, was very sad about her daughter’s death. In an interview with a Brazilian newspaper on the 16th, she called on the mothers of other models to protect their children more. She said: "No matter how much money is, it can’t compare with your child’s life, and the most expensive brand is not worth it."

    The tragedy is not the first time.

    In fact, this is not the first time that a female model died of dieting. Just in August this year, Uruguayan female model Louisel Ramos died of heart failure related to dieting during the annual fashion show festival in Montevideo. Recently, the frequent death of female models due to dieting has made people realize how deplorable the harm female models have done to their bodies in pursuit of perfect figure.

    Louis Searle’s tragedy has aroused fierce criticism on the fashion industry’s practice of ignoring the health of models and stimulating them to pursue the so-called "skinny" figure. After this incident, in September this year, Spain issued a decision that shocked the fashion industry, prohibiting models who are too thin (body mass index below 18) from walking on the runway of Madrid Fashion Show Festival.

    And Anna’s early death will undoubtedly put great pressure on other fashion show festivals. If the body mass index is around 15, you are hungry. But according to Anna’s doctor, when she died, the index was only 13.5.

  Pathological aesthetics harms teenagers

    This week, Armani, the fashion mogul, said bluntly that he supported the practice of expelling those ultra-thin female models from the main fashion show festival. He said: "I never liked girls who were too thin. I never let them walk on the runway myself."

    Jon Golding, a British medical expert, said that in the medical center where he works, the youngest of some "small patients" who are treated for eating disorders is only 7 years old, and many small patients are blindly dieting because of the influence of "thin" models, leading to eating disorders. (Wang Jufang)

Editor: Huo Junxia