Beat 90% Suzhou people: Gusu in the poem, with a beautiful treasure map in autumn!

  A few days ago, a niche documentary "Shui Shui Yue in Hand" triggered a hot discussion among netizens.

  The film will be Mr. Ye Jiaying’s personal fate.

  Intertwined with the Millennium classical poetry of China.

  It presents the meaning track of seeking existence in the long river of poetry.

  "Hold the hidden moon in your hand and make the flowers smell all over your clothes."

  Why is there this documentary?

  All this stems from the love of classical poetry.

  It coincides with autumn.

  Everything is quiet and the harvest is beautiful.

  Poems expressing affection for mountains and rivers are naturally indispensable.

  Autumn in these poems

  Draw a familiar treasure map of Suzhou for us.

  A breeze passed by, taking away the summer whisper, and a gentle breeze came, bringing the gentle and quiet early autumn. The sky on the dome mountain became blue and clear, with a faint fragrance beside the clouds, slowly reflecting a little poetic and picturesque, taking you into the dome mountain in the eyes of the ancients.

  In October, the sky on the dome mountain is high and the clouds are light, and Gui Xiang smells good.

  Take a deep breath and feel refreshed.

  It’s like coming to Xanadu.

  No wonder Sun Wu chose to live in seclusion here.

  Continue down the stone steps, the bamboo forest is lush and the scenery is quiet.

  Unconsciously, I came to Sun Wu Cultural Park.

  A place that integrates the interpretation of the art of war, cultural experience and historical exploration.

  A multifunctional theme park of art of war culture

  Here, the contents of Thirteen Articles on the Art of War are skillfully used.

  In the most natural, simple and ecological principle and way

  Let every tourist, with the most comfortable mood.

  Wandering in the sea of flowers and trees

  Then I came to Sun Wu’s study, and a scholarly atmosphere spread.

  Bring three or five friends, have tea, get together and talk about the world.

  Autumn in Wuzhong

  With the delicacy and softness of Jiangnan

  The autumn in the vault brings the sky in Wuzhong high and the clouds light.

  This exquisite season must not be let down.

  Cool and autumn, patches of reed flowers fly into dreams.

  Took away the last temperature in late summer.

  A dazzling, as if with the artistic conception of autumn.

  The most beautiful scenery in the world

  Probably nothing more than this: in the clear autumn, reed flowers fly.

  Tears of Eos

  In the autumn morning, there is a faint coolness, and the grass is full of glittering and translucent light, like pearls, pure and cold.


  The clouds dissipated gently, and the setting sun shone with red light. As if you just saw its appearance clearly, you were attracted by the sunset glow all over the sky. The cool wind was Xu Lai, cicadas were singing among trees, and it was cool for a good autumn.

  autumn insects (referred mainly to crickets)

  The bright moon hides behind the treetops, only to hear the sound of insects everywhere, sometimes high and sometimes low, sometimes near and sometimes far, and its sounds are different, playing an autumn romance.

  limpid eyes

  "The moon is above Dongshan Mountain, hovering between bullfights. The milky fog runs across the surface of the river, and the clear water is connected to the sky. What a reed does, it’s all at a loss. " In autumn, you seem to be more poetic, fluttering and drunk.

  The leaves fall

  My favorite is the golden ginkgo with high branches and big leaves. The west wind blows, leaves fall all over the ground, and Qiu Li is full of stories.

  reed catkins

  There are many reeds in the reeds. Autumn blossoms, white, in a hurry, flowers fly like snow. Shajiabang is made of water, and along the shore, beside the water, it is the reed that divides the lake into a maze. As soon as autumn comes, the reed flowers will open, which is the most beautiful time in Shajiabang.


  The autumn wind starts and the weather is cold. The autumn rain is faint and geese are in rows. Cotton fields are white and rice fields are fragrant, and every farmer is busy. Autumn insects can be heard everywhere in Hongye Village and Luhua Port.

  If you could have a date with autumn, would you choose to take a boat trip to the lake and dance with the reeds, or would you choose a place to enjoy the scenery and drink tea? Autumn is a romantic and poetic time. Come to Shajiabang and spend it quietly.


  Full garden osmanthus has more fragrance than fragrance.

  Tongli in autumn and October is a dream water town soaked in the fragrance of osmanthus. Jingui Dangui is full of fragrance and pours tourists into drunkenness.

  As soon as the autumn wind blows, you can smell the Gui Xiang floating far away in front of the window and behind the house, in the streets and lanes, and it is even more intoxicating when you get under the tree.

  Tuisi Garden and Gengle Hall are good places for Wengui in the ancient town. Every autumn, the ancient osmanthus is fragrant and fragrant, and the garden is full of osmanthus fragrance.


  It is said that Wan Li people are drunk.

  Chrysanthemum is the soul of autumn; Autumn has the rhyme of chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum, the flower is a hermit, and the fragrance spreads to Wan Li.

  The retreat garden has the artistic conception of retreat, and the chrysanthemums are carefree and refined; Liu Yazi once lived in Jiayintang, and chrysanthemums showed a thriving state; There are root carvings in Gengle Hall, and chrysanthemums are vigorous and powerful.

  Another visit to Huang Shi, a chrysanthemum in Tongli, showed that the flowers in Dangui were fragrant, the riverside restaurant welcomed guests and smiled, and the footsteps in the retreat garden were light.


  Pure as water, sweet as water.

  People in Tongli like drinking tea since they came, and teahouses are often opened at docks or near the water. In the afternoon of autumn, you can walk into a teahouse at will, and you can unload the fatigue of walking and wander in the time of the same room.

  This cup of tea in Tongli has a magic power. The light fragrance of tea is combined with strong warmth, which is not the approval and appreciation of each other’s personality.

  This pure tea fragrance is connected with Wu Nong’s soft rap. It has no utilitarian heart and no sense of gain and loss. Although it is light as water, it is as sweet as water and getting closer.

  ▼ Autumn morning, foggy

  ▼ In the cool autumn water, there are fish.

  ▼ Poetic house boat

  These antique autumn punching places

  Everywhere echoed with Suzhou people’s feelings and delicacy.

  (Source/Su Xinyou Editor/liujing)