Attacking the million-level pure electricity market, BYD looks forward to rushing out of the ceiling.

New energy makes everything possible.

It can make the market share of China’s own brand easily break through 50%, and also make BYD win the No.1 in the sales ranking of China automobile manufacturers, and even the order in hand once exceeded 700,000, reaching an unprecedented height of its own brand. These achievements are worth remembering.

For a time, "BYD" became the key word in the new energy vehicle market. When a self-owned brand car company is no longer worried about sales, it must have other plans-that is, to promote the sustained and upward development of the brand, constantly explore areas that have never been touched before and break through the ceiling of product prices.

As a result, BYD has been brewing a million-level new brand for a long time-Looking Up, which was finally officially released after early exposure and preheating.

On January 5th, Wang Chuanfu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, personally stood on the platform, bringing a million-level new energy hardcore off-road U8 and a million-level pure electric performance supercar U9. At the same time, it also officially released a brand-new high-end automobile brand Lookup and its core technology "Easy Sifang", which is expected to be installed as standard on all models of Lookup brand in the future and become a strong support point.

"Easy Quartet", breaking the game

For a long time, independent brands can be said to have been wandering in the low-end market. Investigate its reason, more is born at the wrong time, decades behind the world automobile industry, not enough efforts can catch up. The profound attainments and technical barriers of foreign brands in the field of fuel vehicles have always been an insurmountable gap for independent brands.

However, in recent years, when the big wave of electrification is coming, independent brands have quickly seized the opportunity of change. In the past 2022, the market share of independent brands exceeded 50% and rose strongly. Based on this background, those independent brands who have mastered the core technology of new energy vehicles are expected to hit the higher-end market.

Among them, BYD, as a leader in the field of new energy vehicles, has long been eager to move. As Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD, said at the scene: "BYD entered the automobile industry 20 years ago, and we have always believed that electrification must be the future trend, and technological innovation is the only opportunity to take the lead in change."

However, this does not mean that it can easily hit the million-level market, and there are also many doubts. BYD, which is booming in the new energy vehicle market, relies on core technologies such as DM hybrid system, EV system and blade battery. From more than 100,000 dolphins to more than 300,000 Tang, it can enjoy the support of the latest technology.

BYD must come up with new core technologies if it wants to break the game. The birth of high-end automobile brands is often accompanied by the maturity of top core technologies.

This time, BYD’s answer is "Easy Sifang"-the first mass-produced four-motor drive technology in China. The power system with four-motor independent drive as the core has been completely reconstructed around the characteristics of new energy vehicles from three dimensions: perception, decision-making and execution, thus completely subverting the power system capability system of previous fuel vehicles.

Thinking ahead, subversive experience

It may be the first time in China’s automobile history that U8 came into the market sideways at the brand new car launch conference. The specific configuration, parameters and even price information related to the product are rarely revealed, and the whole process seems to be showing muscles. The "black technology" that Wang Chuanfu has been talking about is almost hidden on four wheels.

Different from the traditional front and rear dual-motor models sold in the market, the four wheel motors of the models equipped with "Easy Sifang" technology can be driven independently. Through three core control methods: four-motor independent control, limit anti-skid control and body stability control, the limit control of the vehicle in the whole scene is realized, and the ultimate safety is achieved.

Simply understand, looking up at each wheel of U8 can drive, brake, move forward and backward independently, and even increase or decrease the torque, which unlocks many new skills and gameplay, and even realizes the functions of the concept car in advance. For example, if you move horizontally and turn around in place, even if you go into a dead end, you can easily drive out by turning around 360 degrees directly.

Through the positive and negative torque output capacity of four wheels, the vehicle can achieve a braking distance of less than 40 meters and a flexible steering ability of less than 12 meters while the steering gear and brakes are not working, so that a large hard-core off-road SUV has the flexible driving ability without losing A0-class cars.

In the past, the driving stability of traditional fuel vehicles may be more in the hands of drivers, and they can only rely on the body stability control program in extreme cases such as tire puncture. Thanks to the above-mentioned technical achievements, when a tire burst occurs, U8 can accurately adjust the torque of the remaining three wheels at a frequency of 1000 times per second, and make powerful compensation intervention on the body posture through the driving wheel in time to ensure the vehicle to stop under control.

Secondly, the model equipped with "Easy Sifang" has reached IP68 level due to the protection capability of the core system of the whole vehicle. In case the vehicle floats when the water is too deep, it will be able to drive in a straight line, turn and turn around through four independent torque control, and the imaginary "driving the car as a boat" has finally been realized.

In addition, because looking up to U8 uses the first deep integration design of motor and electronic control box, the structure is more compact, the maximum speed of motor reaches 20500rpm, and the horsepower of the whole vehicle exceeds 1,100 horses. It can bring users a three-second 100-kilometer acceleration experience, and its super power performance reaches the super-running level.

Looking up at U9, which is located in a million-level pure electric performance super-run, with the blessing of the easy Sifang power system, the zero-hundred acceleration has reached an exaggerated level of 2 seconds, which is a surprise egg for the audience. Take out two million new cars at one time, and according to the news that has been exposed, they have shown enough expectations.

As Wang Chuanfu said: "Safety is the greatest luxury of electric vehicles." "Easy Sifang" not only brings double safety redundancy of steering and braking, but also has unique handling performance and off-road performance, completely subverting the power system capability system of previous fuel vehicles.

Fill in the last piece of the puzzle in time.

Different from new energy brands such as Geely Link and Dongfeng Lantu, BYD’s obsession with the high-end market has a long history. As early as 2012, we jointly released Tengshi brand with Daimler. Now, Tengshi D9 has exceeded 30,000 vehicles in two months after the pre-sale, which is obviously a good start.

I still remember that in May 2022, Li Yunfei, general manager of BYD’s brand and public relations division, posted a message through social media accounts that BYD’s passenger car business was composed of dynasty, ocean, Tengshi and high-end brands. Now, the time is just right.

You know, BYD in 2022 can be described by the word "terror". First, it surpassed FAW-Volkswagen in several months to win the monthly sales crown of manufacturers. The annual cumulative sales volume of 1.86 million vehicles has been officially announced in advance that it has officially surpassed FAW-Volkswagen and won the title of annual manufacturer sales crown, which is a height that independent brands have never reached.

In September, 2022, more media reported that the average selling price of BYD’s bicycles had reached 166,000 yuan, exceeding the public’s 147,800 yuan in one fell swoop. Regardless of sales volume or product value, BYD has broken the monopoly of joint venture brands in the past.

With the improvement of brand premium ability, the automobile market is hot, and the stock price in the capital market is rising. It is just the right time to look forward to the launch of the brand. Completes the last piece of the brand new energy plate puzzle, and the products cover the low-end, high-end and high-end markets completely.

Million-level market, full of challenges

BYD’s road to overtaking is doomed to be not smooth sailing, and China’s automobile industry has a chance to change lanes, which means that all independent brands can seize this opportunity. Therefore, in recent years, we can see that some traditional car companies have started the road of re-practicing the number.

Such as Krypton, Aouita, Fox, etc. have all entered the market, among which, there are many successful models. However, these brands, including many new forces, have never touched the million-level new energy market. The highest-priced HiPhi X has a top price of only 800,000 yuan, and it is not destined to be a volume model.

Uncle Zhong believes that looking up to U8 is more about Mercedes EQG (big G electric version). According to the online demonstration video, it also has the function of continuous 360-degree rotation in situ, and with the blessing of other black technologies, it is expected to be launched in the world in 2023 and delivered in 2024, and the time node is very close to looking up to U8.

People who buy millions of luxury cars obviously don’t pay attention to the advantages of price and license plate like consumers with a car purchase budget of more than 100 thousand, but pay more attention to brand premium and affiliated value. Whether BYD’s brand image can support a million-dollar price remains to be tested by time.

After all, this span is still quite large, looking up at the ceiling that represents the impact of independent brands.

Lexus’s best-selling models may not meet your demand for performance, but the phenomenon of raising the price for cars has existed for many years. Porsche option has been a routine operation, but it has been accepted by many users. Because they are luxury brands, they have a high enough recognition in the public eye.

Uncle Zhong believes that the strategy of looking up is more like the play of new forces. At the beginning, the brand image and positioning were shaped through high-end products, and later, more models were launched to continuously realize market exploration. Therefore, looking up to U8 may not have enough excellent sales, but it will definitely build a new height of China brand value, and quickly get out of the circle with the combination of hard-core off-road and pure electric.

Zhong Shu

Judging from the current development track of traditional independent brands, "going high" has become a common topic, and independent luxury is also the only way. Why can’t BYD break through the shackles first?

Looking forward to the official release of the brand, the subversive and powerful imagination space brought by the "Easy Sifang" technology, we have reason to believe that looking forward to it will make the value of China brand go up a step. With epoch-making products and unique product performance, it has impacted the million-level high-end market that has been firmly occupied by foreign luxury brands.