[Morning Post] The latest issue from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology! Humanoid robot industry chain welcomes favorable policies


  Macro news

  1. The Foreign Ministry held a regular press conference yesterday. A reporter asked about the arms control talks between China and the United States next week. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Wang Wenbin said that China and the United States will hold a ministerial-level arms control and non-proliferation consultation in Washington next week, and the head of the arms control department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will lead a delegation to attend. According to the arrangements agreed by the two sides, China and the United States will conduct dialogues and exchanges on a wide range of issues such as the implementation of international arms control treaties and non-proliferation.

  2. Shu Yuting, spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the scale of attracting foreign investment in China in the first nine months of this year decreased year-on-year, but it was still at a high level in the same period of the past decade, especially the number of newly established foreign-funded enterprises increased rapidly, which confirmed the enthusiasm of foreign investors for long-term investment in China.

  3. The five companies that suspended the audit because the financial report exceeded the prescribed validity period have resumed the IPO audit because of the end of the financial report update. According to industry sources, there is no signal release to increase financing for the audit resumption suspended due to supplementary financial reports.

  Industry news

  1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "humanoid"Guiding opinions on innovation and development, by 2025, the humanoid innovation system will be initially established, and a number of key technologies such as "brain, cerebellum and limbs" will make breakthroughs to ensure the safe and effective supply of core components; Development based onThe humanoid "brain" of the large model enhances the ability of environmental perception, behavior control and human-computer interaction.

  2. According to the news of "Jingmen Municipal People’s Government" on WeChat WeChat official account, Jingmen City, Hubei Province issued the "Implementation Plan for the Pilot Work of Existing Housing Sales in Jingmen City". The document clearly defines the work objectives, and in accordance with the principle of "pilot first, step-by-step implementation, steady progress, and point-to-area", the proportion and scale of existing home sales of new commercial housing will be continuously increased, and all new commercial housing will be gradually promoted to achieve existing home sales.

  3、The Science and Technology Group issued a solemn statement: Recently, the online biography "was thoroughly investigated, and 180 billion yuan of tax needs to be paid, and about 20,000 football fields will be taken back to the state." News of content, etc., are all rumors.

  4. According to the data of the Federation, the comprehensive forecast is October.The wholesale sales volume of passenger car manufacturers was 890,000 units, up 32% year-on-year and 7% quarter-on-quarter. From January to October this year, it was estimated that 6.8 million vehicles were wholesale, up 36% year-on-year.

  5. It was learned from State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Company that the 6th China InternationalThrough the inter-provincial green electricity transaction, the Expo successfully purchased 8 million kWh of green electricity, which can cover all the electricity consumption before, during and after the Expo, and also marks that China International Import Expo(CIIE) will realize the all-green electricity exhibition for the first time, which is expected to reduce carbon emissions by about 3,360 tons.

  6. Based on the data of the first 10 months of this year, the cumulative transaction amount of new commercial housing in Shanghai was 510.7 billion yuan, down 1% year-on-year, and the number of transactions was 72,111 sets, up 1% year-on-year. The average price of each set was 7.08 million yuan, down 2% year-on-year, and the average transaction price was 64,763 yuan/square meter, which was flat year-on-year.

  Company news

  1、Publish abnormal fluctuations in stock trading., it is expected that "Hidden Detective"The launch has no significant impact on the company’s production and operation.

  2, more than oneReleased yesterdayProgress announcement,338 million yuan has been spent,Cost 160 million yuan,It cost 85.3 million yuan,Buying back shares has cost 389 million yuan.

  3、Announcement, it is planned to buy back shares with 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan.

  4、Announcement, termination of planning major assetsMatters.

  5、Announcement, the external circulation of the company’s shares is small, and there is a risk of market speculation.

  6、The announcement of serious changes in stock trading said that the company’s external circulation was small, or there was a risk of irrational speculation.

  Global market

  1. U.S. stocks opened higher and went higher, and the three major indexes all closed up more than 1%. The S&P 500 index rose by 1.89%, the biggest one-day increase since April 28; The Nasdaq rose by 1.78%, the biggest one-day increase since July 31; The Dow rose 1.7%, the biggest one-day gain since June 3.It rose more than 6%, the biggest one-day increase since mid-September. Major European stock indexes collectively closed up, and the German DAX30 index rose by 1.49%.

  2. An IDF spokesman said that the ground forces had completed the siege of Gaza City.

  3. The settlement price of international crude oil futures rose by over 2%. The December contract settlement price of WTI crude oil futures rose by 2.51%, and the January contract settlement price of Brent crude oil futures rose by 2.62%.

  4. Comex December gold futures settlement price rose by 0.3%, Comex December silver futures settlement price rose by 0.24%.

  Investment opportunity reference

  1. Xiaomi 14 series sold explosively, breaking the sales record of single products of the platform in the past year.

  According to the platform data, Xiaomi 14 surpassed the first sales of iPhone15Pro, breaking the single product sales record of the platform in the last year. According to the current sales situation of various platforms and offline sales feedback, due to the hot sales of Xiaomi 14 series, the purchase has to wait in line for delivery.

  It is understood that Xiaomi 14 series is the first mobile phone equipped with 澎湃 OS. The first batch of domestic devices (mobile phones, tablets, televisions, watches, speakers and cameras) began to push the official version in December this year, and the first batch of international versions began to push the official version in the first quarter of next year. people’s livelihoodIt is believed that according to Canalys data, global smartphone shipments only fell by 1% in 2023Q3, among which Xiaomi’s market share reached a new high of 14% since 2021Q3, ranking third. In 2023, the global shipment of Xiaomi mobile phone has achieved steady growth for two consecutive quarters. In the future, with the strategic promotion and global layout of Xiaomi’s high-end products, its mobile phone business will grow beyond expectations.

  2、When giants push AI PC, the market is expected to rise in volume and price.

  And AMD’s latest financial reports further prove that the personal computer (PC) market is accelerating its recovery, which bodes well for the computer industry that has been trapped in oversupply since the epidemic. Two companies’On the earnings conference call, they talked about the stability of the PC market and said that they expected the integration of (AI) to promote growth.

  AI technology is advancing from the cloud to the edge, and traditional intelligent terminal hardware is moving towards AI. As an important terminal, PC is starting a new AI cycle, and the PC compatible with AI function will provide higher computing power and data storage.Force, reconstruct the user experience.It is pointed out that the deployment of AIGC application not only improves the user experience and promotes the growth of replacement demand, but also puts forward higher requirements for PC hardware. The increase in the penetration rate of hardware acceleration module in PC is expected to increase the unit price of PC, and the accelerated PC industry with superimposed replacement cycle is expected to usher in a rise in volume and price.

  3. Ali Pingtou Ge released the first SSD master control chip, and the agency said that the industry adjustment cycle is coming to an end.

  At the Yunqi Conference in 2023,Pingtou Ge released its first SSD master control chip Zhenyue 510, which isCustomize the scene depth, realize the ultra-low delay of 4μs, and the bit error rate is as low as 10-18. Zhenyue 510 will take the lead in Alibaba Cloud.Deployment, which can be applied to AI, online trading,Business scenarios such as analysis, high-performance database, and software-defined storage.

  Released a research report saying that from homeIn the order of demand cycle reversal, RF > storage, CIS > simulation > power. At present, the inventory of domestic high-quality RF company 2H23 has been digested to the level of 1H21, and then the demand reversal will rotate to the storage sector. At present, the storage sector has recently experienced price increases. With the promotion of domestic mobile phone brands and the release of iPhone15 series in the second half of the year, the upstream shipping pressure will gradually ease.The end of the adjustment cycle is approaching, and the entire storage market is expected to usher in an inflection point.

  4. Huawei asked officials to announce that the new M7 delivery has reached a record high, and the industrial chain may fully benefit.

  On November 1st, AITO Auto WeChat WeChat official account data showed that AITO’s series delivered 12,700 new cars, among which 10,547 new cars were delivered by the new M7, and the delivery of a single model exceeded 10,000 in a single month, reaching a record high. The number of new cars in the whole series was set to reach 57,829 in October. In the 50 days since the new M7 went on the market, it has definitely exceeded 80,000 vehicles. In order to further improve the delivery capacity, the industry has invested more than 1 billion yuan to ensure quality and quantity delivery.

  It is believed that Huawei, relying on three platforms and five intelligent system solutions, has the layout of the whole industrial chain of automobile intelligent networking. With the empowerment of Huawei, the market competitiveness of car companies has improved. In the short to medium term, new models of Huawei cooperation are intensively listed, and product sales are expected to exceed expectations, and relevant industrial chain targets will fully benefit.