Wu Yanni: It is totally unacceptable to be called online celebrity.

  This season’s indoor competition ended with the best performance of 60 meters for individual indoor women twice a day. Wu Yanni can be said to have started the 2024 season with amazing performance. Taking the opportunity of this national indoor track and field championship, she opened her heart when interviewed by reporters.


  Four brushes a month is the best for individuals.

Wu Yanni: It is totally unacceptable to be called online celebrity.

  ▲ In the women’s 60-meter hurdles final of the 2024 National Indoor Athletics Championships, Wu Yanni (middle) won the championship with a score of 8.06 seconds and set a personal best. Figure/Xinhua News Agency

  From the World Indoor Athletics Championships in early March to the National Indoor Athletics Championships, Wu Yanni refreshed her personal best performance in the indoor women’s 60-meter hurdles four times in a month.

  For such achievements, she said frankly that in fact, the whole performance, especially this time in track and field, did not meet expectations. "Everyone saw that I continuously refreshed my personal indoor best results. In my own opinion, I did not achieve the expected goal. There are still many flaws. My goal is to run in 8 seconds. Of course, the score of 8.06 seconds this time is also a big improvement for me. At the same time, this winter training in the past was not very systematic. My body has been injured all the time. After the Asian Games, my ischium was injured, and I couldn’t complete the hurdles at all. I need to go to the hospital for treatment often. If my body is fine, my grades should be better. "


  Looking forward to the Paris Olympic Games

Wu Yanni: It is totally unacceptable to be called online celebrity.

  Wu Yanni was interviewed after the game and was in a happy mood. Image source: China track and field team

  At last year’s Universiade, Wu Yanni won the runner-up in 12.76 seconds and also qualified for the Paris Olympic Games, which will be her first time to participate in the Olympic Games. "I should be in a better state. This winter training is aimed at starting and strengthening physical fitness. Although the injury has affected me, it has already had an effect. Now my future (100-meter hurdle) (60-meter hurdle) can run to 8.06 seconds, which also gives me confidence in the next outdoor race." Wu Yanni said that this year’s Olympic year, entering the outdoor competition stage, her goal is to break through the personal best of 12.76 seconds. "I hope to run in 12.60 seconds. Now I have no problem in the hurdles and hurdles. What I have to solve is the lack of start. Last year, several problems (unsatisfactory results) were all due to the start. There is no other way, that is, keep using the game mill. In a word, I want to be friends with the starting. "


  Last year, the fire suddenly exploded out of the circle.

  Wu Yanni suddenly became popular in the national track and field championship held in Shenyang last June, along with another hurdler, Xia Sining. Interestingly, Wu Yanni still doesn’t know the reason for her sudden "out of the circle". After all, since the National Games in 2017, she has been among the domestic women’s short-span masters, and the gold medal in the national track and field championship at that time was just one of her own gold medals in recent years.

  "Everyone thinks that Wu Yanni was born in the 2023 Asian Games trials. In fact, I won the championship in the 2015 Youth Games and reached the international athlete standard in 2018." Speaking of her sudden explosion in the second half of last year, Wu Yanni analyzed that it may be related to the change of communication channels in the development of the times. "In the past, there were not so many social media platforms, and everyone knew that my channels were not so many. Now it is different. There are many related information on various media platforms, so I was suddenly recognized and remembered by everyone."


  Different walking posture

  Last year, after Wu Yanni went out of the circle, some videos of her walking appeared on the Internet, which were called "the pace that no one can recognize" by netizens. However, this year’s Wu Yanni’s walking posture has changed and is considered to be "convergent".

  In this regard, Wu Yanni "revealed" that the walking posture was caused by her physiological structure. "My pelvis leans forward, and I will walk like this. I don’t feel anything different myself, but it seems awkward to others." Because of this physiological structure, Wu Yanni was once considered unsuitable for hurdling. Without hurdling, her 100-meter speed is about 12.20 seconds, so it is impossible to engage in short-span at this speed, because it takes more time to climb and cross the hurdles. Unexpectedly, Wu Yanni’s hurdling speed is much less than that without hurdling, and she was born for hurdling. "There is no other way for me to improve this feature, only by leg press stretching. After improvement, my walking posture is slightly better."


  Beauty cosmetics leading the track and field.

  Wu Yanni suddenly "went out of the circle" in June last year. While gaining a large number of fans, she also met with various criticisms, one of which was that she had to spend time making up before going on stage. In this regard, Wu Yanni felt very helpless. "Athletes in some events, such as synchronized swimming and figure skating, have to make up before the competition. Girls in our track and field events also love beauty. Isn’t it better to compete with the most beautiful image?" In Wu Yanni’s view, as more track and field athletes who train outdoors, it is more necessary to protect their skin. "We didn’t understand it, so the previous skin was not good. Now we see that all athletes in outdoor events wear sunscreen to protect their skin."

  In this national indoor track and field championship, Wu Yanni’s makeup has changed from the preliminaries to the finals. She revealed: "I designed it in advance, put on sequins, make myself look more dashing and handsome, present myself differently on the field, and be a’ crazy girl’." She also revealed that she will appear in a brand-new makeup at the Paris Olympics. "I will definitely have a brand-new makeup at the Paris Olympics, maybe more exaggerated than this one, but I haven’t decided yet."


  "online celebrity Athletes" Label

Wu Yanni: It is totally unacceptable to be called online celebrity.

  Wu Yanni brushed her personal best three times in a month. Data map (according to The Paper)

  Although Wu Yanni broke the best performance of individual indoor women’s 60-meter hurdles four times in this month, she also ran the best performance of individual outdoor 100-meter hurdles in 12.76 seconds at last year’s Universiade, and became the first China female hurdler to win the Paris Olympic Games, she will still be considered by many people as just a "online celebrity".

  In this regard, Wu Yanni said seriously that she totally disagreed with the identity of "online celebrity". "I am an athlete. I practice the 100-meter hurdles to let people know that the hurdles are not only men’s 110-meter hurdles, but also women’s 100-meter hurdles. This is my initial intention. The goal of every athlete is to participate in the Olympic Games. I have achieved my goal with my hard power and reached the standard to participate in the Olympic Games. " She stressed, "It is totally unacceptable for others to call me online celebrity."

  Wu Yanni doesn’t want to have the label of "online celebrity athlete" on her body. "I am an athlete. If I have to be given a title, it is a powerful female hurdler, because I have achieved it through hard work."

  Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency China Track and Field Team Guangzhou Daily The Paper

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