Aauto Quicker, together with many famous directors such as Xú Zhēng and Jason Wu, launched the "Golden Key Venture Capital" program to define the content track in the next decade.


"Jason Wu: Come on! People who are passionate about movies and willing to take a long-term movie road come to me and hug me!

Xú Zhēng: I want to hug you!

Jason Wu: You are too fat! "


This sincere and interesting conversation took place on August 2nd, at the launch conference of "Golden Key Venture Capital" initiated by Aauto Quicker and many famous directors and actors. At that time, Xú Zhēng appeared at the press conference, while Wu Jingyuan was filming a new film, and the directors Frant Gwo and Muye Wen were connected online together. They had a common sponsor-Golden Key Venture Capital.

It is worth mentioning that Jason Wu was the last initiator of the "Golden Key Venture Capital" program, which was officially announced on the day of the press conference. As the saying goes, "Beijing is happy again and again". At this point, Xú Zhēng, Jason Wu, Frant Gwo, Muye Wen and other well-known directors composed of sponsors assembled.


Also present at the press conference were actors Song Jia, Huang Xuan, Sam Quah (online) and Lei Jiayin (online). This time, they also have a new identity-the honorary producers of the Golden Key Venture Capital program. In addition, there are also invited creators including Xiaoxing Yi, Han Tian, who call the beast, to gather at the "Golden Key" and talk about helping young creators.


The mode of film and television venture capital plan is not new, but it seems that the "Golden Key Venture Capital" plan is quite unique when making a movie together (ID: Yiqipaidianying). The lineup is not small, Aauto Quicker, bilibili, and Iqiyi, the three platforms are working together, and several famous directors and many powerful practitioners are escorting good content; On the content side, not only movies, but also short and medium-sized dramas are blooming. As Xú Zhēng said at the press conference: "Golden Key Venture Capital was classified at the beginning, and there was a clear point at the beginning, competing with the same type, breaking the inherent limitations of the past."


Sir Pai believes that for the film and television industry, the "golden key" is intended to explore and define the vane of fine film and television content in the next decade under the development of new media while adhering to the opportunity of venture capital for newcomers.


Outside the movie,

Why does "Golden Key" aim at short and medium series?


Let’s look at a set of data first.


By August 3, 2021, the box office of Chinese movies totaled 31.1 billion, barely surviving 30 billion. Based on this, sir noticed that it seems that everyone is waiting for The Battle at Lake Changjin (co-producer and director of Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark and Lin Chaoxian; Starring Jason Wu and Jackson Yee) ignited the small climax of cinema box office in the second half of the year. As for whether it is as expected? We look forward to it with everyone.


Considering the current development of domestic films, the launch of the "Golden Key Venture Capital" program has a wonderful time and opportunity. On the one hand, the demand of the market and audience for good content is increasing day by day, and more and better content is needed; On the other hand, online and offline, long and short, video content is changing. This means that a group of new creators and a new content outlet are about to set off a heat wave.


Interestingly, the "Golden Key Venture Capital" program is not limited to movies. This time, Aauto Quicker also aimed at short and medium series. The platform defines a relatively focused content track, and the creator passes the proposal, which is discussed by the sponsor and the strategic partner. Through the evaluation of the platform, the finalists who are deeply involved by the sponsors will get the opportunity to customize the platform content and broadcast it exclusively on the Aauto Quicker platform.


From the traditional industry cognition, under normal circumstances, short episodes are: 5-10 minutes per episode, no more than 24 episodes; The Chinese drama series is: each episode is more than 20 minutes (the duration is less than 60 minutes) and no more than 12 episodes. Look carefully, whether it’s a short series or a medium series, the overlapping time is just in the range of 100-200 minutes, which is equivalent to the length of a (long) movie.

The collection types of short and medium-sized episodes in the "Golden Key" are divided into: customized category and free theme category. As the name implies, customized short and medium drama series refers to the creative projects of short and medium drama series that are jointly planned and formulated by the organizers and partners, and the "Golden Key Venture Capital" plan collects creative projects that meet the theme requirements, and finally the partners will give 100% shooting support to the selected ideas; The venture capital of short drama projects in free theme category is not limited to themes and carriers.


Theme, suspense, women, costume, comedy, science fiction, blood, youth, animation and other commercial drama projects with market potential, can be. Vertical deep cultivation and all-encompassing, this is the highlight of the "Golden Key Venture Capital" plan.


Admittedly, the duration of video content does not define the nature of video content. The essence depends on the content (story).


The adaptability of the story in the short video platform in narrative structure, content rhythm and expression mode is Aauto Quicker’s focus. Ou Ruhua, the director of Aauto Quicker Entertainment’s self-made drama series, said at the press conference: "We will pay attention to what kind of content expression can make users accept it more quickly in the context of short videos in Aauto Quicker. We hope to build a low threshold and produce (relatively) high-quality content to help platform users reach high-quality content. "

"What kind of content is more suitable for Aauto Quicker?" Ou Ruhua emphasized: first, the character design is direct and the character characteristics are obvious; Second, the plot advancement requires a strong plot; Third, emotional expression needs to be more extreme. In a word, it is necessary to have the characteristics of "cool drama" and describe the profound value of ordinary life with the expression of short video platform.


The logic goes like this. As far as the current consumption situation in Aauto Quicker is concerned, it is the first step to quickly grasp the attention of users, and then slowly convey the values to users. "The short play of 8-10 minutes defined by Aauto Quicker is actually a brand-new expression subversion. Users grasp the key points at first sight, and the creators have continuous rhythmic output, which is a foundation for Aauto Quicker to convey good content. On top of this, if you say what kind of theme is needed and what kind of label innovation is there in this theme, you can try it. "


As for, why aim at short and medium series? Sir Pai believes that long video content has gradually stabilized after more than ten years of development and platform competition. In addition, under the background of the rapid development of mobile Internet, the short video platform represented by Aauto Quicker has risen rapidly. To a large extent, the introduction and promotion of short and medium-sized drama series is a natural trend, and it is also a new addition to China’s film and television industry, such as interactive drama and content with goods, which have unlimited potential to be developed in both content and commercial aspects.


I have to say that this wave of "Golden Key Venture Capital" plan has the right time, place and people, just waiting for the "East Wind" and picking the stars together.


Why Aauto Quicker?


"Aauto Quicker as a broadcasting platform for the Golden Key Venture Capital Program" is one of the key messages at the conference site, which is the same as most people’s first reaction: Why Aauto Quicker?


From the answer of Li Qian, the head of Aauto Quicker film business, about the mission of the platform, we may get a glimpse of it. She said that in addition to love and sensibility, the industry needs an aggregation platform such as venture capital to do real things for the industry from a rational and constructive perspective.


Aauto Quicker’s two missions: First, the bridge. "On the one hand, it connects outstanding creators scattered in all corners, and at the same time, we also make a broadcast platform to let good works be seen by more people." Second, really shoot and shoot. In terms of funds and resources, help young creators take the first step and take every step, and explore and define the direction of fine content in the next decade with sponsors, honorary producers and invited creators.

Tracing back to the source, "people" is Aauto Quicker’s powerful strength and advantage. From 2011 to 2021, Aauto Quicker has grown into a short video platform with 1 billion MAU, with a wide range of users, a large number of UGC and PUGC creators, and all of them are the people, which is its undesirable advantage. Aauto Quicker’s advantage is that the creators are good at 2C content, have a set of deep-rooted C-side production logic, and know more about what kind of content can reach users. As the saying goes, Aauto Quicker’s entertainment is more suitable for people’s entertainment.


On the other hand, the logic is also established, and the fast-paced users are used to even recognizing such a set of content, which can verify that Aauto Quicker has a large number of potential audiences for short and medium-sized dramas. Perhaps, creators can find the greatest common denominator of short and medium-sized drama audiences in Aauto Quicker.


On the other hand, "people" refers to the revitalization and gathering of talents. Including Xú Zhēng, Jason Wu, Song Jia, Lei Jiayin, called the beast Xiaoxing Yi and other senior film and television practitioners, their blessing, for the golden key, for young creators, has inestimable significance.


Before the launch of "Golden Key Venture Capital", the performance of Aauto Quicker’s short plays was strong. In Aauto Quicker, the number of people watching short plays has exceeded 210 million every day, and the total viewing time is as long as 35 million hours.

Aauto Quicker’s short video gene and content make it naturally have the soil for the content and dissemination of short and medium-sized dramas. Obviously, it is more suitable for focusing on movies and short and medium-sized dramas.


Short and medium drama series,

Aauto Quicker wants to define the content track in the next decade.


The story about short and medium drama series is being staged.


At the scene of the "Golden Key Venture Capital" program conference, the manager Conley asked almost all the sponsors, honorary producers and special creators: Would you like to shoot and play short and medium dramas? The answers are consistent, "If there is a good script, why not?" Among them, Xiaoxing Yi, the first-generation creator of short plays, said that he would also pay attention to the creation of short and medium-sized dramas. No matter whether he did it himself or together with young creators, he had some experiences and lessons to share.


From short play-film-film+short play/short play+film, the growth path of Xiaoxing Yi, the beast, can, to some extent, be a positive example for the creators in Aauto Quicker and even the creators who ran out of the "Golden Key Venture Capital" plan.


The good news is that the "Golden Key Venture Capital" program has received a total of 829 projects since it was launched in June and as of July 31, exceeding the expectations of the entire venture capital.


For the industry, young creators bred under the new and diversified media need venture capital with strong inclusiveness and execution like "Golden Key", which is in line with the values conveyed by Aauto Quicker Slogan: "Embrace every life".


Aauto Quicker is sincere about the "Golden Key Venture Capital" project, with real investment, real filming and solo broadcasting, and the linkage and integration of funds and resources. As Ou Ruhua said earlier, this is the platform mission of Aauto Quicker. What is clear is that infiltrating young people and deeply binding the entertainment industry is undoubtedly one of the next development cores of Aauto Quicker.


Embrace change and open the future. In this way, new talents can run out faster and better, and the short and medium drama industry can run at a high speed. Aauto Quicker, film and television predecessors and creators explore the Red Sea of excellent commercial films and fine short and medium content, and define the new direction of fine content in the next decade. Sir, like everyone else, expects that with the support of Aauto Quicker and the "Golden Key Venture Capital" program, short and medium drama series will grow into a dense forest, and China film and television will flourish.