The "Game Spring Festival Evening" strikes, and AI may once again cause a "great earthquake", and the game ETF(159869) may meet the layout time.

The annual "Game Spring Festival Evening" is coming, and the Global Game Developers Conference will be held in San Francisco from March 18 to 22, 2024. As the largest and most influential industry summit in the global game industry, this year’s GDC takes "AI" as the key word. In addition to 16 AI theme summits, game companies and AI technology and tool providers will also participate in the forum sharing to show the latest progress of AI empowerment games.

With the development of AI technology for a year, several AI tools that are expected to deeply empower games have been born recently. AI has penetrated into more links in the game field, and the effect is quite remarkable. From the theme of this year’s GDC key conference, we can see that on the one hand, AI has penetrated into more production links, including improving the frame rate/clarity of the picture, reviewing the game content, training and teaching, etc. On the other hand, AI has also penetrated into more game categories, such as MMO, social interaction and fighting. It is worth noting that the GTC conference in NVIDIA will be held together with GDC on March 18th, and games will also be one of the focus categories of this conference. NVIDIA official website shows that in the field of games, this GTC conference will explore how to create virtual characters and worlds with the help of generative AI and path tracking.

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