To promote the deep integration of technology and education, Love Learning was selected as one of the "2020 TOP50 Global Technology Leaders"

  From December 9th to 12th, the World Innovators Meeting (WIM) 2020 (hereinafter referred to as WIM2020) hosted by EqualOcean was held in Beijing. The theme of the conference was "Science and Technology Connect the World", and more than 100 global innovators from Asia, Europe, America and other places were invited to share their scientific and technological innovation achievements. At the same time, the conference released the World Innovation Awards (WIA) 2020 World Innovation Awards series list and report, and the industry-leading content and technology-driven K12 education supply platform – Love Learning Education Group was listed in the "2020 TOP50 Global Technology Leaders".


  Love Learning Education Group was listed in the "2020 TOP50 Global Technology New Leaders"

  It is reported that the list takes "emerging technology empowers the industry" as the entry point, based on 623 unicorn companies around the world, and selects the 50 companies with the most development potential and development space based on several indicators such as company valuation, market development prospects, policy support, and technological innovation. Based on innovative practices and industry influence in the field of education and technology, Love Learning Glory was successfully selected for the list.


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  From blackboards, whiteboards, large screens, to pre-recorded courses, live classes, and then to AI smart classrooms, the past decade has been a decade of continuous integration and development of technology and education. Love Learning, founded in 2009, is a witness and practitioner of this process. As an enterprise that has always taken teaching, research, teaching and technological innovation as its core development driving force, Love Learning actively embraces technologies such as the Internet, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, and constantly explores the use of new technological means to empower education scenes.

  Technology empowers education to promote quality education balance

  In 2015, Love Learning took the lead in opening the exploration of "Internet + Education" in the industry. It has successively opened up teaching and research, teaching, teachers, teacher training, etc. online and opened to the whole industry, delivering high-quality educational resources to third-tier and below cities. At present, Love Learning has more than 20,000 cooperative teaching and training institutions in more than 1,600 counties and cities across the country. The total number of trained teachers exceeds 120,000, and the total number of cumulative service students has reached more than 25 million. Among them, the double-teacher classroom, which is jointly completed by the online lecturer of Love Learning and the offline tutor of local institutions, is increasingly welcomed by the cooperative institutions. At present, Love Learning has jointly opened more than 5,000 double-teacher classrooms with more than 2,000 cooperative institutions across the country, and served more than 500,000 students during the same period. At the same time, Love Learning has also launched public welfare activities such as the "Shoulder Project", which allows children in remote areas to enjoy high-quality education through the teaching model of dual-teacher classrooms.

  Since August this year, the Love Learning English Public Welfare Double Teacher Classroom has started in Tacheng Center, Weixi County, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The school has selected one class from grades 3-6 to participate in the live class learning twice a week. According to the school and the principal, from not daring to speak English boldly and actively answering questions, children have become more confident, and their interest and effect in English learning have been greatly improved. And through the pre-class collective lesson preparation, in-class observation and learning, and after-class communication and Q & A of the double teacher of Love Learning, Mr. Cai of the school has also completed the growth of a new English teacher, so that more children in the school can receive better English education.

  Coincidentally, Teacher Chen, who came to Jinman Village, Luobenzhuo Township, Nujiang City, Yunnan Province, from Wayaobao Primary School in Yuxi City, also witnessed the changes brought by the double-teacher classroom to the children. "Many local children can’t speak Mandarin well, and there are many children with more than 10 points or even single digits on the 100-point test paper. After studying in the double-teacher classroom for more than 5 months, the children’s Mandarin has improved significantly, and their grades have also improved a lot."


  Love to learn allows children in remote areas to receive quality education through dual-teacher classrooms

  To promote the implementation of AI in educational settings, making it possible to teach students in accordance with their aptitude on a large scale

  Based on the accumulation of data brought by "Internet + Education", Love Learning actively explores the implementation of artificial intelligence technology in educational scenes to create more innovative forms of education. In 2018, Love Learning established AIlab, and now there are more than ten AI + education products applied to adaptive learning, intelligent assessment, teaching management, etc. Through intelligent solutions, teachers and students can enjoy more efficient teaching experience and teaching effects in the aspects of practice, testing, evaluation, learning, and teaching.

  For example, the AI English recitation product can be evaluated from multiple dimensions such as pronunciation, integrity, and fluency, improving children’s English recitation ability and helping teachers completely liberate from grading homework. During this summer vacation alone, students recited 10 million times, saving teachers more than 20,000 hours. Another example is the personalized question recommendation product tested this summer. 70 students in grade 7 of Wuhai New Thinking Institute in Inner Mongolia participated in the experiment. The students were divided into two groups, AB. There was no significant difference in the positive answer rate of the homework between the two groups in the test before the experiment. During the test, group A did personalized recommended exercises, and group B did unified exercises. The test results after the experiment showed that the positive answer rate of the homework in group A was 13.3% higher than that of group B. The AI grinding class, a product that serves teachers, can evaluate teachers from the dimensions of expression, limbs, speech speed, and facial orientation, helping every teacher become "Iron Man". At present, more than 5,000 teachers from more than 1,200 partner institutions have participated in online grinding classes, and the product praise rate has reached more than 96%.

  Take the lead in exploring new OMO models and promote innovation and upgrading in the education industry

  In 2019, the OMO model became a hot topic in the education industry. This year, the epidemic forced traditional education and training institutions to grow online teaching capabilities, and OMO further became the focus of the industry. In the exploration of the new OMO education model, Love Learning is one step ahead.

  In 2018, the founder and chairperson of Love Learning

  Xu Jiecheng proposed that OMO is the mainstream development model of the future education industry, and clarified the strategic route of the group’s S2b2c, announcing that it will focus on the OMO model. In April 2019, Love Learning took the lead in releasing innovative OMO products of "third-order courses" and "AI good courses" in the industry. During the epidemic, Love Learning further consolidated the innovation ability of OMO products and led and promoted the transformation and upgrading of offline education and training institutions.


  Looking back on 2020, in the face of the menacing COVID-19 pandemic, the offline education and training industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Love Learning actively seeks change and launched the "Sky City" plan for the first time. It not only successfully completed its Gaosi Education classes and the online migration of 1 to 180,000 students, but also opened the live cloud platform and other products and services to the industry for free, helping more than 13,000 education and training institutions transfer their business online, helping 4 million students achieve "stop learning". Love Learning also cooperated with more than 20 platforms such as Xuexi Qiangguo and Yang Video to launch 1,500 + free live classes in two months, with more than 25 million viewers. After the epidemic normalized, Love Learning continued to iterate OMO products, and successively launched OMO product solutions in subjects such as Tier 3 2.0, Chinese, and English, continuously empowering institutions. Many partner institutions that joined the "Sky City" program achieved zero student turnover, and even growth in performance against the trend.

  At present, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still continuing, and there are still many uncertainties in the development of the education industry in the future, but technology empowers the education industry and changes the traditional education ecosystem with new solutions, which is a foreseeable industry trend. In the future, Love Learning will continue to explore the deep integration of technology and education, empower more education and training institutions, and promote the large-scale realization of balanced quality education resources and differentiated teaching by helping the transformation and upgrading of the education industry.