The heavy rain is coming soon! Wuhan goes straight to spring next.

Since the Spring Festival rework

The sun in the south seems to have "rested"

The satellite cloud image on the afternoon of the 26th shows that

Except Yunnan, most other southern regions.

Are covered by thick clouds.

According to the statistics of meteorologists, judging from the sunshine hours in the eight days since the post-holiday rework from February 18 to 25, among the provincial-level cities,Wuhan (4.3 hours),Shanghai (7.8 hours), Changsha (8.8 hours) and Nanchang (9.7 hours) are all less than 10 hours.Wuhan, in particular, may only see 30 minutes on average every day, which is more than 1/5 less than normal.

According to the forecast of Wuhan Meteorological Observatory

It is expected that there will be a precipitation and cooling weather process in our city on March 3-5, 28-29.North wind strengthening

The good news is.This weekendSunshine will return again.According to China Weather Network, although the rain will continue for several days, this weekend,There will be an empty window of rain and snowThe south will usher in the largest range of clearing in the near future!

It is estimated that by the end of this week, the temperature in most parts of the central and eastern regions will obviously rise and return to the normal level in the same period of the year.The maximum temperature of 10℃ will also rapidly advance to the central part of North China, and the maximum temperature from Huanghuai to Jiangnan will return to above 15℃. By then, the highest temperature in Wuhan will also climb to 14℃.

Wuhan meteorological experts said

The standard for entering spring is the average temperature for five consecutive days.

Steady rise to above 10℃

The date of entering spring in Wuhan all the year round is March 7.

At present,

The date of entering spring this year is close to normal.

Wuhan is closer to spring!

One-week weather forecast in Wuhan

February 27th (Tuesday):It is sunny during the day and cloudy to cloudy at night. The northerly wind is 2 to 3, and the temperature is 0 ~ 9℃

February 28th (Wednesday):Cloudy days turn to moderate rain, northerly winds turn from 2 to 3 to 3 to 4, gusts from 5 to 6, and the temperature is 4 ~ 9℃

February 29th (Thursday):It is cloudy to cloudy in the north, and light rain turns cloudy in the south. The northerly wind is 3 to 4, the gust is 5 to 6, and the temperature is 4 ~ 10℃

March 1st (Friday):Cloudy and cloudy days, northerly winds turn from 3 to 4 to easterly winds from 2 to 3, and the temperature is 0 ~ 9℃

On March 2nd (Saturday):Sunny to cloudy, southerly winds are 2 to 3, and the temperature is 1 ~ 11℃

March 3rd (Sunday):Cloudy to light rain, easterly wind 2 to 3, temperature 3 ~ 14℃

March 4th (next Monday):There is little to moderate rain on cloudy days, and the easterly wind is 2 to 3 and the northerly wind is 3 to 4, and the temperature is 6 ~ 14℃

March 5th (next Tuesday):Cloudy to cloudy, northerly winds are 3 to 4, gusts are 5 to 6, and the temperature is 2 ~ 10℃

sourceChangjiang Daily Hubei Daily Wuhan Meteorological Observatory People’s Daily Client China Weather Network released in Wuhan

(Source: Changjiang Daily Hubei Daily Wuhan Meteorological Observatory People’s Daily Client China Weather Network Wuhan Release)

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