Focus Media Group International Strategic Investment Conference Held Overseas

  On March 25th, Focus Media Group’s international strategic investment conference was successfully held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Jiang Nanchun, Chairman of Focus Media Group, Ruan Qingdao, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Advertising Association, Xiang Song, CEO of Focus Media (Vietnam) Co., Ltd., Xiaomi, Want Want and other major brand representatives and media partners attended the conference to witness the important moment when Focus Media helped the national brand to go to sea and accelerated the strategic layout of internationalization.

  As the world’s leading elevator and cinema media group, Focus Media has long been committed to supporting and promoting the development of national brands, actively responding to the national "Belt and Road" major initiative, laying out overseas business, and providing a platform for China brands to go abroad. The holding of this conference is a key landing of this strategy.

  Laying out Vietnam and Opening a New Journey of Overseas Strategy

  Focus Media, founded in 2003, pioneered the elevator media advertising model in the world, built a strong competitive barrier with its unique media advantages and absolute leading market share, and became the benchmark of advertising media industry in China, and the value of the head media continued to show.

  In recent years, Focus Media has launched an international strategic layout with the guidance of helping the national brand to go to sea, and Vietnam has become an important stop of this strategic vision. In this strategic investment, Focus Media will combine Goldsun Focus Media’s understanding of the local market in Vietnam and existing resources to form a strong alliance and exchange advantages.

Xiang Song, CEO of Focus Vietnam

  Xiang Song, CEO of Focus Vietnam, said that since its establishment, Focus has always adhered to customer-oriented and service-oriented, providing customers with professional and accurate elevator advertising services; In the future, Focus will strive to explore new opportunities in the Vietnamese market, lead and promote the development of elevator media industry in Vietnam, and help China brand to prosper and develop in Vietnam.

  "Vietnam has a long history and culture and huge market potential, and its economic development speed and market growth scale are remarkable. I believe that Focus’s 21-year experience in focusing on elevator media, combined with the local advantages of Vietnam Golden Sun Media Company, will be able to provide customers with more professional and high-quality elevator advertising services." Xiang Song spoke at the press conference.

  Sail the world and build a national brand infrastructure.

  As a leader in the elevator media industry, Focus Media has successfully promoted a large number of China brands to replace homogenization with differentiation, price war with value war and traffic drive with brand drive for a long time, thus achieving high-quality growth.

  Since 2017, Focus has actively responded to the major national initiative of "One Belt, One Road" and continued to develop in the Asia-Pacific region. It has successively set up local operating entities in Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, which not only contributed China wisdom to the world and provided China solutions in the context of the global media industry’s response to the communication problems in the mobile Internet era, but also successfully proved that the Focus model can be quickly replicated in overseas markets, especially in Asian markets. Focus said that the company is optimistic about the development potential of overseas business for a long time, and will continue to promote the business layout in overseas markets, export the building elevator media to the world, which is an original model in China, and provide positive help for the China brand to "go out to sea".

  In the tide of globalization, China brand is going out to sea at an unprecedented speed and scale, which not only occupies a place in the international market, but also conveys the unique innovative ideas and cultural values of Chinese civilization, builds the role of national brand as an infrastructure builder, and continues to help China brand accelerate the globalization process, better enter the world stage and demonstrate China’s strength.