The 35th Hundred Flowers Award Hot Search Constantly? So this is the way it is.

Special feature of 1905 film network From Foshan, Guangdong to Zhengzhou, Henan, Hundred Flowers Award came back.On August 29th, 2020 China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the 35th Hundred Flowers Award held a press conference to officially announce young actors.Turbo LiuFor this year’s ambassador of Hundred Flowers Award, he published the nomination list of the 35th Hundred Flowers Award, which aroused widespread concern.

In just one day, the total reading volume of related Weibo topics exceeded 800 million, the discussion volume exceeded 300,000, and the main hot search topics exceeded 6.In addition to the Hundred Flowers Award nomination list, the main visual poster and other topics related to the award itself, the three young filmmakers are the most eye-catching — —Haoran Liu, who is the ambassador of Hundred Flowers Award, relies on movies.Fire heroNominated for Best Female Match in Hundred Flowers AwardAndyHeping filmBetter DaysNominated for the best newcomer in Hundred Flowers AwardJackson Yee.

They represent the new strength of a new generation of filmmakers, and they have also attracted more attention and enthusiasm for Hundred Flowers Award.

Then, how can Hundred Flowers Award, which has lasted for 58 years, continue to catch the attention of young audiences and make this classic "hundred flowers" reappear?

"Today’s Film Review" specially invited Yan Shaofei, Deputy Secretary and Secretary-General of the China Film Association, and Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival in 2020, to talk with you about this blooming "hundred flowers".

1. Selection | "It will be a great honor to participate in the voting statistics."

Looking back on the 58 years that Hundred Flowers Award has gone through, Yan Shaofei was deeply moved. He talked about the voting scene at that time. "Votes were sent from all over the country, filled with sacks, and then fell in a room, and the staff counted them one by one." Therefore, "it would be glorious for everyone to participate in the voting statistics in Hundred Flowers Award at that time, because the final results were counted one by one."

By the 35th session, the voting method has changed. "As the organizer of Hundred Flowers Award, we are constantly thinking," Yan Shaofei said frankly.

Nowadays, the Internet has reached such a developed level that no channel is more convenient than the Internet. Most of the people who enter the cinema are young people, and most of the voters are young people. However, "how to avoid the problems caused by online voting" has become a major challenge for the organizing committee.

At the same time, after the opening of voting channels in various media platforms, fans organized voting. In response to this phenomenon, Yan Shaofei said, "Hundred Flowers Award was voted by the audience. Can filmmakers mobilize their relatives and friends to canvass votes? I think it is ok, and this kind of canvassing behavior has not shaken fairness. "

At the same time, he also stressed that it is harmful to this award to spend money to invite the water army and other malicious brush tickets. In order to put an end to this phenomenon, the Organizing Committee has specially set up relevant protection mechanisms on the voting platform. "Simply put, if the number of votes for an award jumps sharply in a short period of time, I’m sorry, I may have to take this part of the votes away," Yan Shaofei said.

Talking about this, Yan Shaofei explained to the national film audience through Today’s Film Review that "we have taken some technical measures to ensure that the final data of Hundred Flowers Award is authentic". 

2. Personality | Be brave in innovation and pay attention to inheritance

When it comes to Hundred Flowers Award’s unique personality, the first thing that attracts everyone’s attention must be the very special nomination list for the best newcomer this year — — Muye Wen, as a director, nominated the best newcomer and competed with Jackson Yee and other newcomers for this honor.

In this regard, Yan Shaofei said that Hundred Flowers Award, as a serious and professional award, has strict rules and regulations, and the definition of new people is not limited to actors. "Since the rules and regulations stipulate this, the film also reported it this way, then we will put him in the new people."

Yan Shaofei also admitted that this incident raised a new problem for the organizing Committee — — Is it appropriate for directors and actors to award awards together?"We need to further study this, is it necessary to improve? How to improve it? This is all to be considered. "

In addition to being willing to innovate, Hundred Flowers Award also pays special attention to inheritance. In this regard, Yan Shaofei has a deep understanding."One thing touched me deeply at the 34th Hundred Flowers Award Awards Ceremony," Yan Shaofei recalled. "I thought young people only paid attention to their idols, but the most enthusiastic part of the audience that day was not the so-called small fresh meat and traffic.starOn the body, it appears when the lifetime achievement award is awarded to the old artist. "

"I remember giving Zhang Yongshou a lifetime achievement award, just in time for his birthday that day. The host took a birthday cake and held it in front of the old man. Zhang Yongshou was very excited. At that time, he stood there and leaned back a little. We were all worried about him. Don’t have any accidents. The host also held him all the time, so he leaned back and made a ceremony. "Yan Shaofei talked about the situation at that time and was still very moved.

The enthusiastic response and resolute support of young audiences also inspired filmmakers to step by step towards better artistic creation.If we have good movies constantly emerging, filmmakers and platforms will continue to do this work. "I believe that through a platform like Hundred Flowers Award, the bridge between movies and movie audiences, especially young audiences, will become stronger and stronger," Yan Shaofei said.