How to decode the story of guarding the liberation of the west and warming the heart of the police?

  CCTV News:On December 29th, the seminar on "Protecting the Liberation of the West" was held in Beijing. This series of films is not only loved by young netizens, but also received rave reviews from leaders of relevant authorities and experts and scholars in the field of communication. How to create a film? What difficulties did you encounter in the filming process? At the seminar, the creative team answered relevant questions. "The project starts from politics and the operation starts from the market." Guarding the Liberation of the West, with a kind of subversive innovation, has brightened the police propaganda in the new era, and recorded a warmer never to lose in a panoramic view. It shows the hard work and no regrets of local public security in safeguarding fairness and justice, maintaining social stability and ensuring the people to live and work in peace and contentment, and shows a good image of the public security team.

  Planning and positioning, highlighting the new, true and warm

  In February 2019, Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau, Zhongguang Tianze Media Co., Ltd. and Changsha TV Political and Legal Channel began to plan and plan to jointly launch a documentary police program. Through more than three months of continuous discussion and deepening creativity, the two sides reached an agreement on the program form, core content, production method and broadcast platform.

  First, the positioning of the program form highlights "new" and opens a precedent in China.Different from the previous "high-ranking" police propaganda, the program was positioned at the beginning of its conception to show a more grounded and humane image of the people’s police with a "small incision". The presentation form of the program made a bold breakthrough on the basis of traditional news documentaries, and incorporated a large number of variety elements, which was the first in China.

  Second, the location of the shooting content highlights the "truth" and adopts real-life recording.The main shooting location of the program will be determined as the most famous punching place in Changsha, online celebrity — — Jiefang West Road, where shops gather, entertainment venues abound, and crowds surge day and night, is the most prosperous area in Changsha and even in Hunan. The program shows the daily work of the police in Pozi Street Police Station of Tianxin Branch of Changsha Public Security Bureau. No actors are invited, no scripts are set, no lines are written, no rehearsals are conducted, and the content is carefully selected on the basis of massive materials, and then post-editing. In the choice of core content, we don’t pursue thrilling confrontation between police and robbers, but focus on the mediation of disputes in scenes; We don’t pursue the investigation of major cases with twists and turns, but focus on the short and ordinary police in parents again and again.

  Third, the orientation of the ideological core highlights "warmth" and touches the depths of the soul.In the ideological core, the program highlights "depicting human warmth and coldness with real stories, interpreting life with documentary means, and conveying humanistic care with empathy effect". The image of the public security police portrayed is not a serious and rigid law enforcement machine, but a flesh-and-blood and reasonable guardian of peace, which makes the image of the people’s police who are responsible, rational and more humane jump through the network and be accepted by the audience, especially young netizens.

  The material has reached more than 30,000 hours, and the public security on-the-job civilian auxiliary police have appeared in the true colors.

  After more than three months of intense planning and preparation, on May 9, 2019, "Guarding the Liberation West" held a launching ceremony at the Pozi Street Police Station, officially launching the filming of the program.

  The creative team set up a studio in Pozi Street Police Station, carefully selected the backbone forces with rich experience in political and legal police programs as producers and general directors, set up a filming team of more than 40 people to settle in the police station, and took turns to shoot with the police 24 hours a day, and installed 35 fixed-position surveillance, OSMO, drones and law enforcement recorders throughout the institute, shooting 776 police officers and collecting video materials for more than 33,700 hours. Strive to restore the most authentic police affairs from multiple angles and in all directions, and boldly draw lessons from the narrative expression and special effects packaging of international excellent police programs when editing, which enhances the appreciation and artistry of the programs.

  The Political Department of Changsha Public Security Bureau participated in the whole process of program planning, directing and film review, and at the same time integrated the overall police resources to serve the shooting work — — All police officers of Pozi Street Police Station of Tianxin Public Security Bureau participated in the filming. According to the actual requirements and the needs of the program, a number of police officers from the city’s public security organs, such as criminal police, public security police, special police, patrol police, traffic police, marine police and anti-drug police, participated in the filming. More than 300 people participated in the filming, more than 30 police cars and more than 2,100 pieces of police equipment. All the civilian auxiliary police officers in the program appeared in Changsha Public Security Service.

  The "phenomenal" masterpiece police station became the punching place in online celebrity.

  After the program was broadcast on September 14th, it quickly became popular, and gained favorable comments from online and offline users, especially young netizens. It became a "phenomenal" masterpiece with screen-grabbing, drama-chasing and rave reviews.

  First, the hit was like fire, and the program ratings soared.At present, the film has been played more than 37 million times in bilibili, with more than 605,000 barrage comments and more than 794,000 people following the drama. The rating in the station is 9.8, ranking first in the documentary channel of bilibili. In Douban, which is praised by netizens as a word-of-mouth weather vane, the program is also well received, from the initial high opening of 8.3 points to 8.6 points, ranking third in the domestic word-of-mouth variety list.

  Second, it received rave reviews and was unanimously praised by all sectors of society.Since its launch, the relevant information content of the program has been forwarded by more than 100 media platforms across the country, and related short video content has sprung up on video websites such as Weibo, Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker and Tencent. The reading volume of Weibo Topic # Defending the Liberation West # and the short video playback volume of vibrato have both exceeded 10 million. The program has been unanimously affirmed by leaders at all levels and widely praised by all walks of life. The mainstream media, party and government organizations such as the Central Political and Legal Committee An Jian, Legal Daily, People’s Public Security Daily, Guangming. com, Sina, Tencent, Radio and Television, and entertainment have spontaneously commented and recommended from Media V, and many tweets have quickly gained 100,000+readings. For example, when "An Jian of the Central Political and Legal Committee" introduced this program, he said, "Use ‘ Not serious ’ The way to record the daily work of public security is easier for the public to like. "China Youth Network commented that" the personal image behind the police uniform and the police image in the new era are truly and comprehensively displayed "; Guangming. com commented that "Guarding the Liberation West has given the audience a new understanding of the police profession and resonated through its younger production concepts, techniques and feelings."

  Third, it is typical as a flag, and it is positively motivated.Not only did it arouse a strong response from all walks of life, but "Guarding the Liberation of the West" also caused a heated discussion in the police camp and produced a good positive demonstration effect. Through the original ecological record, the police handled the case, so that the police involved in the filming used to enforce the law under the camera, which forced the law enforcement norms, enhanced the credibility of law enforcement and improved the satisfaction of the masses; With the popularity of the program, Pozi Street Police Station has become a punching place in online celebrity. Every day, several waves of netizens go to the gate of the police station to take photos and punch cards. Several "online celebrity" civilian auxiliary police officers created by the program are more familiar and recognized by the people in the jurisdiction. They also won more understanding and support from the masses when they were on duty. The program also makes the families of the police have a more intuitive feeling of the busy and hard work of the grassroots police, so that they can better understand and support the public security work undertaken by their relatives, and further enhance the professional honor and sense of belonging of the civilian auxiliary police. Nowadays, this positive incentive effect is becoming more and more obvious, and it is radiating from Pozi Street Police Station to Changsha Public Security Police.

  Dig deep into subversion, reshape non-mainstream and express mainstream values

  As an important branch of public security propaganda, movies and TV works on police themes have emerged in an endless stream in recent years. As a documentary with no flow stars and original ecology recording the daily work of police, Guarding the Liberation of the West has been able to break through the tight encirclement, gaining a win-win situation in ratings and word of mouth, and also bringing enlightenment and thinking for how to tell never to lose well in the new era.

  The deep excavation of the police theme has subverted the image of the people’s police in the new era.From helping the octogenarian unlock the lock at four o’clock in the morning to insisting on discouraging young men who want to commit suicide for five hours, from mediating emotional disputes between young couples to helping the lost children find their parents at the fireworks party, from a bowl of "longevity noodles" sent by the police for their birthday colleagues to a video call with their wives when the police didn’t come home for three days on duty … … A case (event) close to life, with scenes of fireworks, truly restored the daily work of the police at the grassroots police station, allowing the audience to intuitively feel the day and night guards of the police who don’t fight, and also let everyone see the true heroes in ordinary life. The image of public security police created by the program is not only a righteous incarnation with a strong sense of responsibility and excellent professional ability, but also an ordinary person with flesh and blood, affection and righteousness. It is these that refresh the public’s cognition of the police, narrow the distance between netizens and the public security, give the fairness and justice represented by the people’s police a real sense of landing, and become a weapon of the program.

  The accurate positioning of differentiated communication conveys the mainstream values with non-mainstream expressions.Doing a meaningful program that young people like is the original intention of the program "Protecting the Liberation of the West". The program abandons the mainstream expression of traditional police themes, such as blood, bravery and hardness, but chooses to capture the hearts of young netizens with real shots, online language, funny plots, second-dimensional packaging and variety editing, and "grounding gas", "close distance", "realism" and "positive energy" have become the universal evaluation and cognition of the program. The audience group of the premiere platform is consistent with the younger expression and audience positioning of the program, and the barrage is open and interactive, which allows the public to openly discuss law enforcement behavior and also expresses the concept of public security organs facing the public, civilized law enforcement and transparent law enforcement.