Accident! The two new naturalizations of the national football team staged a derby showdown in Europe, representing China’s debut as soon as next year.

A few days ago, in the Dutch Cup, two popular naturalized national football players, Fizezhan Tianle and Yang Rui Anshang, played an alternative derby, in which Fizezhan Tianle started and played for the team for 90 minutes. Yang Ruian only got the chance to come off the bench in the 73rd minute. Fei Cizhan-Tianle and Yang Ruian are both Chinese players. As long as they are willing to be naturalized by the China Football Association, they can play for the national football team as soon as next year.

Fei Cizhan-Tianle belongs to the excellent player who came out of Ajax youth training system. He used to be the core of the second team and often wore the captain’s armband to play. Whenever Ajax team 2 encounters a deadlock in the game, Ficzen-Tianle can stand up for the first time and put on a good show to turn the tide. Fei Cizhan-Tianle mainly plays the front waist on the court and belongs to the commander urgently needed by the national football team.

Fei Cizhan-Tianle didn’t catch up with the initial stage of the naturalization policy in China football a few years ago, so he came to play in the national football team. The main reason is that Feci Zhan-Tianle is still looking forward to his entry into the Dutch national team. However, according to his development momentum in recent seasons, it is basically impossible to knock on the door of the Orange Legion. Therefore, the most pragmatic goal of Fei Cizhan-Tianle is to play football in the national football team.

Yang Ruian is the main striker position and also has certain finishing ability. If Fei Cizhan-Tianle and Yang Ruian can be naturalized in the national football team, the hope that the national football team will hit the 2026 World Cup will be greatly increased, and both of them are willing to play in the preliminaries for China. National football fans think that if Fei Cizhan-Tianle and Yang Ruian can be naturalized smoothly, I hope they can continue to work hard in Europe instead of returning to the Super League.

Because naturalized players will only get worse and worse when they play in the Super League. Fizichan-Tianle and Yang Ruian both have the ability to play in the Dutch main force, and they can continue to play in the Dutch league. I hope these two national football favorites can become the core of the national team as soon as possible, and coach jankovic will also entrust them with important tasks. I believe that the performances of Fei Cizhan-Tianle and Yang Ruian will not disappoint the fans.