From January to September, the cumulative global sales of Great Wall pickup trucks exceeded 150,000 units, ranking first in China pickup trucks.

  A few days ago, Great Wall pickup truck announced its sales data for September. Great Wall pickup trucks sold 17,197 units worldwide in September; From January to September, the global sales totaled 152,674 units, up 6.5% year-on-year. From January to September, the domestic terminal market accounted for nearly 50%. For every two pickup trucks sold in China, one was the Great Wall.

  From January to September, the Great Wall pickup trucks sold 34,204 overseas, keeping the export sales of China brands ahead.

  Great Wall Gun sold 12,200 units worldwide in September, with a cumulative sales volume of over 10,000 units in 37 months, ranking first in pickup truck sales in China. Great Wall Cannon, Fengjun Cannon and King Kong Cannon ranked among the top three single-model sales in pickup truck market.

  Great Wall pickup trucks have been ranked first in sales for 25 consecutive years, and the cumulative global sales have exceeded 2.45 million. As the leader of pickup trucks, Great Wall Gun insists on category innovation and leads China pickup trucks with high-value products; Deeply cultivate users to create together and empower pickup culture; Continue to deepen the global layout and boost China pickup truck to the world.

  Great Wall Gun All-round Family Campaign in Alashan to Create Pickup Culture Base Camp.

  During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, the all-round family of Great Wall Gun fought in the 2023 Alashan Heroes’ Club, and gathered together with the ultimate players and users in Tengger Desert to show off their skills in the sand, cross-country confrontation and make friends with cars. Alashan is home to the Great Wall everywhere, and there are great wall guns everywhere, which shows the strength of China’s hard-core cross-country to a new height.

  As the leading model of the full-performance family, the performance version of the large-scale high-performance luxury pickup truck Shanhai Gun started the first test drive in the desert, and formed the "Golden Armor" team to cross the Populus euphratica forest for thousands of miles, paying tribute to the spirit of self-improvement and perseverance in China, so as to conquer the extreme off-road performance of the whole region and win unanimous praise from the media. In mid-October, the performance version of Shanhaiguan will expand the experience of users and media, and simultaneously open the national pre-sale.

  The performance version of Shanhai Gun adopts the unique body color of "Golden Armor", which symbolizes the off-road spirit of courage to challenge and constantly break through; The body is close to the full-size pickup truck and has the largest driving space in its class; It is equipped with the only and most powerful 3.0T V6 engine made in China, equipped with a longitudinal 9AT transmission, equipped with Borg Warner 4A+MLOCK intelligent four-wheel drive and three locks as standard, and the original factory comes with millions of off-road equipment, making it the toughest off-road pickup truck in China with the ultimate strength of "bigger, stronger and more luxurious".

  In 2023, the Alashan Heroes’ Club staged high-energy cross-country events for several days, and the users of Great Wall Gun won the double champion in T3 Challenge, showing the hard-core cross-country strength of Great Wall Gun. Jia Xuedong, a contestant, drove 23 black bullets of "Wild Weapon" and defended the cycling champion of "Artillery League Cup".

  In addition, Robbie Gordon, an all-around champion driver and Dakar rally star, came to the scene to stage a desert performance show and ignite the passion of desert cross-country; The artillery team drove the artillery to stage a "blade dancer", demonstrating the "king of the desert" style. 23 off-road guns of "Global Intelligent Luxury Off-road Pickup" show off the real kung fu of all-terrain intelligent off-road pickups in the desert.

  At the event site, there are also great wall gun cross-country driving training camp, light luxury camping in Shanhaiying, user’s wave play modification exhibition, and wonderful user activities such as car owners’ dream night and desert concert, so that users can enjoy desert fun, create pickup cultural base camp together, and make pickup a life, an attitude and a spirit.

  Wan Li crosses G219 National Road to explore the ultimate cross-border expansion circle and build a full-scene pickup truck life

  Artillery alliance, mountain and sea counterparts! In September, the full-performance family of Great Wall Gun crossed the G219 National Road, which is known as "the most magnificent on earth", witnessed the ultimate product strength of the whole scene and created the ultimate experience of outdoor life of pickup trucks.

  This crossing operation starts from Kanas, passes through the ancient city of Kashgar, and then passes through Mount Everest on a fixed date, paying tribute to the spirit of climbing, and finally reaches Dongxing in Xishuangbanna. The journey is over 10,000 kilometers, exploring the magnificent scenery along the way from northwest to southwest, and enjoying the ultimate outdoor life.

  Great Wall Artillery also joined hands with the ultimate players to launch the "Searching for Secrets in Northern Xinjiang of Shanhaiying-Crossing Tour of Northern Xinjiang of Shanhaiying Artillery Team" with users, witnessing the colorful golden autumn in northern Xinjiang of the motherland; Join hands with Husqvarna Motorcycles Cycles, a world-renowned motorcycle brand, to start the "journey to the south" tour to explore Saihanba, perfectly integrate pickup culture with locomotive culture, and achieve two-way circle breaking with the best combination of "locomotive+gun" to promote the upward development of pickup culture.

  Great Wall Gun Alpine Edition is strongly listed to meet the needs of users for multiple vehicles.

  Great Wall Gun continuously carries out category innovation to meet users’ diversified car demand. On October 1 ST, the alpine version of the Great Wall Gun, which was heavily built based on the scene of users using cars in the northern alpine region, was officially launched, with a price of 123,800 yuan. With the hardcore strength of "fearless cold, fearless freezing and fearless ice and snow", it created a new driving experience for alpine conquerors.

  Great Wall Gun Alpine Edition is equipped with 2.0T+6MT/8AT gold power combination; Equipped with part-time 4wd, AT tire and AGM large-capacity battery; It has the functions of seat heating, rearview mirror heating, front windshield nozzle heating, rear window hot line defrosting, etc., and is equipped with ESP body stabilization system, which is more powerful, more comfortable and safer, solving problems for users to travel in cold weather and enjoying quality travel.

  Winning South Africa’s "pickup truck of the year" award, the global layout continues to deepen.

  China gun, global gun! Recently, the cross-country gun of Great Wall Gun defeated many international mainstream pickup truck models in the annual pickup truck model competition in South Africa, and won the "Best Pickup Truck of the Year" model in 100-120 kW power category. The Great Wall cross-country gun officially landed in the South African market in May this year. This award represents the high recognition of the Great Wall gun by South African consumers.

  Great Wall Gun continues to deepen its global layout. At present, it has been listed in more than 50 countries on four continents around the world, and won the best pickup truck award in Australia, South America and South Africa in one fell swoop. It has also become the first China brand with a five-star safety rating under the new Australian ANCAP standard.

  In the future, Great Wall Gun will continue to adhere to category innovation and user co-creation, and join hands with global users to create a new world of pickup trucks; And on behalf of China pickup truck brand, it will fight against the international mainstream brands in the global market, and the sword refers to the top three in the world, making China pickup truck popular all over the world.