Officially announced for more than 900 days, Xiaomi Auto’s "true capacity" was finally exposed! Netizen who came across the road test: I didn’t catch up with it at 150 km/h.

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More than 900 days have passed since Xiaomi officially announced the construction of the car. With the time point of "mass production in 2024" approaching, the news about Xiaomi Automobile is becoming more and more hidden.

At the end of August this year, Reuters once quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Xiaomi had obtained the qualification to produce electric vehicles, but it still needed the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In the middle of this month, Xiaomi Automobile officially "appeared" in the 377th batch of Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The Xiaomi car that got the "birth certificate" attracted the wholeAt the same time, the network pays attention to it, and its road test performance by chance has also gained a lot of praise.

Xiaomi car shows its true colors: the first "ID photo" is exposed!

On November 15th, Xiaomi Automobile officially started working for the first time.Debut in the Announcement of Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products, which includes the details of the publicity of Xiaomi’s declared models-this also means that Xiaomi Automobile, which has been carrying great concern since the official announcement, finally showed its true meaning in the long-awaited announcement:

Similar to the previously exposed camouflage photo of Reuters, Xiaomi’s "ID photo" shows that it is a coupe with a slip-back design. According to the public information, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology got on two "Xiaomi" cars this time, all of which are pure electric cars. The first model was named SU7 (the abbreviation of Speed Ultra, that is, "extreme speed"), and the length, width and height of the whole car were 4997/1963/1455mm, with a wheelbase of 3000 mm. The front of the car was printed with Xiaomi Logo, and the active tail was standard.

Judging from the optional photos, Xiaomi SU7 can be equipped with different styles of front windshield, skylight glass, rearview mirror, tail lettering, etc., among which the high-end version of the model is marked with "SU7 MAX "and" SU7 Pro "mean that Xiaomi will be divided into three versions, namely, normal version, Pro version and Max version.

As for the battery, according to the published information and informed sources, Xiaomi SU7 will adopt the iron phosphate battery of Xiangyang Foday Battery (belonging to BYD) as the low battery life version, while the high version will adopt the ternary lithium battery pack of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, which is said to be a customized version of "Kirin Battery". According to the battery life, a person familiar with the matter said that the SU7 will be divided into three versions: the standard battery life version has a battery life of over 550km, the long battery life version has a battery life of over 800km, and the dual-motor four-wheel drive version has a battery life of about 680km.

In addition, on the fender and rear window of Xiaomi SU7, there is a string of inconspicuous "Founders Edition"-a word that ordinary people may skip but NVIDIA fans will never ignore (Founders Edition is the public version, which generally refers to some configurations that are standard when NVIDIA introduces a new generation of graphics cards).

At present, most car companies use NVIDIA OrinX chips with a computing power of 254TOPS. This year, NVIDIA recently released the industry’s first DRIVE Atlan chip with a computing power of 1000TOPS. Based on this, many people in the industry are wondering whether Xiaomi can use this chip.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there is still a message that puzzles many people: the product trademark of Xiaomi Automobile is "Xiaomi Brand", but the company name is "Beijing Automobile Group Off-road Vehicle Co., Ltd.", and the "No.21 Courtyard, Huanjing Road, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone" written at the production address is the automobile factory built by Xiaomi in Beijing.

Xiaomi did not give any response to the question of whether to obtain the qualification to build a car by BAIC or to build a car by BAIC, but there was a problem in BAIC.The R&D personnel of the Ministry believe: "Xiaomi relies on the qualification of BAIC, but produces it in its own factory."

Road test that is frequently encountered: open?150km/h didn’t catch up,The 80km/h cornering attitude is "quite stable"

In any case, the news that Xiaomi Automobile got the "birth certificate" still made many people deeply look forward to it, especially Lu Weibing, a partner and president of Xiaomi Group, who is also the latest in Xiaomi.According to the financial report, the mass production target of Xiaomi Automobile will remain unchanged in the first half of next year, and the second "winter test" will be conducted as planned.?

Perhaps it is approaching mass production and listing. Recently, there are more and more people who encounter Xiaomi’s road test in various places:

A blogger (@ How to Learn Photography) uploaded a video of encountering a road test of Xiaomi automobile, in which the tail wing of Xiaomi automobile SU7 rose in the middle and suddenly increased speed, but the photographer’s speed once exceeded 150km/h and failed to catch up.

There is a B station UP owner (@ 京京京京京京-Xiaochang) who also came across two millet cars SU7 on the country road for a road test. It was foggy that day, and Xiaomi SU7 kept driving steadily on the uneven road, even turning at 80km/h, which was "quite stable".?

In addition to the driving posture, some people exposed the interior part of xiaomi SU7: it is equipped with a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel with the "Xiaomei" logo printed in the middle of the steering wheel, with a flat bottom design and two independent function buttons. Some people speculate that the button on the left is related to driving assistance, while the button with a red circle on the right is to adjust the driving mode. In addition, it is certain that Xiaomi Automobile will adopt a three-screen linkage system consisting of suspended LCD screen, embedded LCD instrument panel and HUD head-up display.

While netizen Qi Li analyzed Xiaomi Auto, according to many media reports, Xiaomi Retail Store has also carried out the latest design to welcome the arrival of Xiaomi Auto: as can be seen from the exposed design, Xiaomi Retail Store will add a car display space.

Xiaomi recruits automobile sales posts, part of whichThe store manager has finished training.

According to Xiaomi’s financial reportAccording to reports, 2023?In the third quarter of 2008, Xiaomi’s R&D expenditure reached 5 billion yuan, up 22.0% year-on-year, mainly due to the increase in R&D expenditure related to smart electric vehicle business and other innovative businesses. It can be seen that smart electric vehicles have become Xiaomi’s R&D.Important investment. In addition, Lu Weibing also revealed in the conference call that there are currently about 3,000 R&D personnel of Xiaomi Automobile.

exceptbyFrequent road tests, increased investment in research and development costs,The car-related jobs that Xiaomi is opening also make "Xiaomi automobile will be listed soon."It has a real feeling.

According to the recruitment platform,milletin the process ofBeijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other placesRecruitment of new energy vehicle sales supervisor and Xiaomi AutomobileStore managerAmong them, the highest monthly salary is Xiaomi Auto Retail Operation: 30,000-50,000 yuan per month, 14 Pay. In addition, it is understood that store managers in some cities have been trained, with a maximum monthly salary of 35,000 yuan.

distance?2024?NianjiCloser and closer, recentlyThere are indications that,smallThe rice car is on its way. So, you’re rightsmallAre you looking forward to the listing of rice cars?

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